TRACKING THE TEMPEST: Three Months and Counting.

Yes, my friends. Tracking the Tempest releases THREE MONTHS FROM NOW. Can you believe it? July 1, 2010, you can clutch Jane, once again, in your sweaty paws. Don’t worry. She likes it.

Are you excited? I’m excited. SO excited, in fact, that I had to VLOG FOR YOU. Yes, Vlog. I’m trotting out my beautiful fatch and dulcet voice just for you, people. Enjoy it.

Actually, the vlogs might drive you a bit bonkers, because my bangs (AKA my fringe, for you British readers) are taking over. Notice how they’re nicely swept to one side for the first vlog, and then commence to creep until they’re hanging directly in front of my face, making me look cross-eyed.

I have hair with a mind of its own. I’ve learned long ago not to fight it, for it always wins.

So I apologize for the fringe/bangs. I can’t do a thing with them! There’s a cowlick involved. But here you go…here are your Tracking Related Treats for April 1, 2010. There will be more treats, the first of every month, until release day! Yay!

The first vlog is a warm up to the reading, in which I attempt to introduce myself and the books but mostly just babble:

And here’s the actual reading, the second part of the first chapter of Tracking the Tempest:

And, finally, one last Tracking inspired treat: my own, personal soundtrack to Tracking the Tempest. These are the songs that inspired me, while I wrote. There’s a lot of songs about the illusions we weave regarding love and relationships. Not to give away any spoilers, or anything. 😉 Here’s your soundtrack! Fun!

Thanks for coming over, ladies and gentlemen! Hope you enjoyed the readings and don’t forget to enter the contest, from the post below, to win Richelle Mead and Jaye Wells newest releases. And see you back here next month: same selkie time, same selkie channel, for more Tracking the Tempest!

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21 thoughts on “TRACKING THE TEMPEST: Three Months and Counting.”

  1. Loved the treat. Poor Jane, life with Ryu would be difficult or impossible. But Iris is great, so funny.

    By the way, how can anyone not love Jane and her naughtiness??? I started re-reading the book last night and ended up staying up until after 2 am because I just couldn't put it down. Jane is so much fun.

    Thanks for the treat, I am looking forward to the next one.

  2. NOOO!!! I. Need. More! I just reread "TR" during a trip to Boston and fell in love with it over again! Love Ryu, Anyan, all of 'em! =) CANNOT WAIT! This is torture, you know? You are being a major tease- LOL- but at the same time, it is not as if there is something wrong with it, right?

  3. Ah…Romantic Times and the cover models, Thank You for the reading, I want Tracking the Tempest now. My Romantic Times must get signed list has you and Jaye Wells fighting over top.

  4. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on it. It comes out on hubbies birthday, poor man will have to be taken care of that day, but then it's all me and Jane's men…er…I mean the book……..

  5. Dawn: I dunno! But some people HATES her. HATES her. Maybe they are on drugs? Who knows. 😉 But yes, Ryu and Jane are definitely facing an uphill battle. Oftentimes naked. 😉

    Ale: LOL It'll be soon! I promise! And then Legacy is out after only six months, so way shorter wait for the 3rd book. Yay!

    Mario: They're butter crunch peanuts from Target. I think they have crack in them. Soooo delicious. *joneses*

    Ruth: Yay! That makes me happy. I've envisioned myself wandering around RT while everyone asks, "Who the hell are you, again?" At least one person will recognize me! 😉

    Angela: LOL Oh no! Poor hubby! Do make sure to have a wee bday celebration before locking yourself away with the book. 😉

  6. I think you should be the voice of your own audiobook. Sometimes the people reading them get too boring to listen too. It's fun listening to you read. When will somebody actually come to Florida so I can go? *pouts* 🙁 Do you think if I beg enough it might happen??

  7. @NicolePeeler went 2 ur vlog 2 hear U read Tracking the Tempest & after ur preamble, b4 u start naughty Jane excerpt it ended. total tease.

  8. I loved the reading! You made me giggle, and I even laughed out loud at one point. I was curious about Jane and Rue staying together or not after the first book when they went to their homes. I am looking forward to the future reads too. Glad to hear Jane is having fun. 🙂 She deserves it. Great to hear she has learned to control her power.

    You mentioned you are running out of things to blog on. I don't know if you want to share a few of the things you have learned over the last year with writing. But you are doing great here with your posts though.

    Thank you very much for sharing a teaser from the book. Looking forward to July.

  9. LOVE IT…can't wait. I'm holding off reading the first book again until closer to the second. I loved it so much. People want Jane to be GOOD? What the hell? Good in what way? Sex? I am not comprehending this…

    The book covers in your reading makes me think of Larrisa Ione's books. LOL So naughty.

    Blogging? Hmmmm…I've read some stupid stuff lately you could blog on– the age of authors; that people will only read something within 10 years of their own age. Let's see- what else? I like it when you comment on movies you've seen. Or what about books you loved as a kid?

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