Happy Santa Day!

First of all, let me declare one thing:


Second of all, I might have just eaten enough pate to kill your average liver. We won’t talk about that. It was worth it.

My third, and final, bit of news is I’m two chapters away from finishing book three, Tempest’s Legacy. I’ve been working flat out, except for one day I went to the top of the ‘Cock (Hancock, that is), and a few stints to do things like read about how  ducks are committed rapists and have therefore evolved wacky vajayjays.

Don’t say I never taught you nothing!

Oh, and have a fabulous Christmas everybody. I hope the big guy treats you well.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Santa Day!”

  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Thank you for the little lesson above. I think it will come in very handy! lol.

    Excited for book two to come out for us, and you are teasing us with book three. That is sooo wrong. LOL! But we enjoy the torture!

    I really am looking forward to the books. Can't wait.

    But have a great holiday!

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