Selkies are EVERYWHERE!

Hello everybody! So much has been going on! Jaye and I had our Shreveport Smackdown, and the results were eminently “newsworthy.” Let’s just say that the cookies flew, and leave it at that.

The ever lovely and marvelous Jen Rardin, fellow Orbiteer and author of one of my fave UF series, did a very fun interview with me at her site. You can see it here.

I’ve also done a guest blog post I’m rather proud of, that addresses (seriously) why I chose to make Jane a selkie. There’s also a contest that involves winning a signed copy of TR, a bookmark, and a signed bookplate for Tracking the Tempest. You can find both blog post and contest here.

In other exciting news, SO MANY SELKIE SIGHTINGS! Selkies, apparently, are everywhere! Watch out when you go to sleep tonight . . . I’ve heard they occasionally crawl into people’s beds to get warm.

Our first sighting comes from Elie Nicewongers, whose selkies arrived in a box:

twin selkies

Elie quickly rescued them, however, and set them outside to bask in chalk-bedazzled splendor:

selkie in the shade sunbathing selkie

Isn’t that lovely! Jane looks very happy.

Gina Growe, from Springfield, Illinois (YAY!), sent me a plethora of enchanting selkies spottings. I’ve not included them all here, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to rotate some of them as I am technologically challenged. But here’s a smattering of her lovelies. First, Gina shows her selkie cuddling up with some other members of the League of Reluctant Adults. YAY!


Next we have Jane with a very cool license plate. I think she’d go for something like this in real life:


Finally, we have a halloween-themed selkie, surrounding by  my favorite: Skulls!

1108091401a 1108091401

Gina also sent some lovely pictures of Jane with Gina’s puppies . . . but I can’t get the puppies right side up as I’m a moron.

Next we have a sighting from Kari Stewart, in KANSAS! Jane’s in KANSAS! Like Dorothy! (sorry, Kari, I’m sure you get tired of that, but I couldn’t help it):


Amber Yates, meanwhile, found that there’s an inner Lakers/Sparks/Robert Pattinson fan in her selkie:

013 013

Finally, Bev Roden was so kind as to send two lovely photos of selkies captured on film in Dayton, Ohio. Yay, Midwest Represent!

image002 image003

All of your names have gone into the CONTEST CAN to win the 25$  gift certificate to B&N, while our estimable judges shall soon begin pondering the artistic merits of your Wildest Selkie entrants.

In the meantime, THANK YOU ALL for playing along! I really appreciate it. Knowing Jane is wandering about, free, has been more stressful than I ever imagined. But all of your words of encouragements, lovely messages to me, and reviews have made it all worth it. I’m so happy you’re enjoying Jane as much as I’m enjoying writing her.

Thanks again!

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6 thoughts on “Selkies are EVERYWHERE!”

  1. I don't know what program you use for your pictures, but I think everybody has paint on their computer and it works as good as anything to rotate pics. Just open the picture you want and click the "Image" button. Then click the "Flip/Rotate" button and then whatever direction it needs to be turned. Save it after that and you're all set. Then we can see more of the pictures. 😀 Unless you are pretending to be "technologically challenged" as you put it, to hog all the pictures for yourself…

  2. Great blog post on RomConversations. I'm also super excited that I won the contest!!! I was thinking that you should come out with t-shirts that say "Selkies Rock" with a seal sitting in a rock. 🙂 Anyway, too much fun for me tonight. 🙂

  3. Amber: They were VERY cute puppies who I would love to hog. Love puppies!

    Heather C: SO GLAD YOU WON! Yay! *hugs* Sharon and I are actually just now going to start talking about opening up a Tempest Rising store and that HAS to be an option. LMAO Seriously, that's HILARIOUS. And I would wear it. 😉

  4. Hi Nicole!!! Thanks, I was pretty pumped to win. A store sounds great. I see a dark purple t-shirt with Sharon's book cover design on the back. Her color and artwork also workcs!!! Plus, I have another suggestion for you, you can always have "Selkies do it better in the water." 😉

  5. Hi Nicole. Just wanted to say that I just started reading Tempest Rising and I am loving it and finding it very hard to put down. I can't wait to read more. I was led to your books by Jennifer Rardin, and I was so happy and surprised to find Jane at my local Barnes & Noble in North Dakota (we don't always have the best selection of urban fantasy type books). So Jane has even made it to North Dakota, although she probably doesn't like it much since we are about as far away from the ocean as you can get. One question, when is Tracking the Tempest released or hasn't that been announced yet? Thank you.

  6. Heather: We're definitely gonna put something together soon, on Zazzle! Yay!

    Dawn: Thanks, lady! I appreciate it. And that's awesome it's in North Dakota! Tracking the Tempest will be out July 1, 2010, and the third is out January 2011. Thanks for all your support!

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