See Jane Bask, Snuggle with Skeletons, and FLY!

Hello everybody! First off, here are some recent reviews and interviews, some of which have contests! Watch out for the contests!

Interview at Suburban Vampire

Review by Sidhe Vicious

Interview at Women Writer’s

Review by Peace Love and Pat

Secondly, we have so many Selkies Spottings! The Hunt is still going strong! Alana Joli Abbot caught selkies all over the place. First she was caught in the  Yale bookstore in New Haven, Connecticut. Why didn’t they shelve with her with Derrida?

October 062 October 061-1

This next photo, however, is of a selkie doing what selkies do best: a little basking. Alana says this selkie is basking on the rocks at Branford Point.

November2009 001

Finally, we have flying selkies! Alana says these were caught somewhere between Detroit and Chicago. As I’m from outside of Chicago, and my third book has a lot of action set in and around the suburbs of Chicago, I think this was a particularly fortuitous sighting.

November2009 032 November2009 038

Another reader, the ever lovely and supportive Qwill, caught Jane canoodling with YET ANOTHER skeleton, Dead Fred. What is up with Jane and her penchant for the very, very dead?

Dead Fred Loves Jane

Finally, Jamie Skofstad sent me a picture of a selkie in Fort Meyer, Florida, and another sighting of a selkie in, of all places, an iPHONE. I thought that was particularly exciting . . . Jane Meets Techology!

photo-1 photo-2

Thanks for all the reports of sightings, my dears, and your names have gone into the Contest Can to win that 25$ gift certificate!

Finally, don’t forget that this weekend finds Jaye Wells and me taking part in the much publicized SHREVEPORT SMACKDOWN!

We’ll be doing a reading, Q&A, and signing books here at the Shreveport Barnes & Noble! Come see us . . . we serve our cookies with snark!

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