Interviews, Reviews, and MORE PETS!

Hello everybody!

Today brings even more . . . ME! Everyone’s being so great about interviewing me and reviewing the book, and here are two of my favorite interviews so far.

The first is from the lovely Jackie Kessler, fellow author and member of the League of Reluctant Adults. Her wonderfully sassy character, Jezebel, interviewed my Jane and the results are spectacular. Great stuff!

This is also an exciting day for Jackie as it’s the official launch date for the mass-market reissue of THE ROAD TO HELL, book 2 in her HELL ON EARTH series (Here’s the link to the first in that series, HELL’S BELLES, released September in mass market).

Why should you buy The Road to Hell? Well, first of all it’s awesome. Second of all, it’s PURPLE:

So it’ll look great next to Tempest Rising on the shelf! 😉

The second interview is by Wicked Little Pixie, who asked some great questions. And got some great answers in return. I had a lot of fun doing this interview and it shows.

In other news, we have another SELKIE SIGHTING! This one from the wild yonders of Indiana! Heather Creely decided to challenge the popular notion that only cats enjoy my novel by showing that Jane True is, at heart, a dog person. *snicker* Get it? Dog person? If you’ve read the book you’ll get it. . . if you haven’t? Too bad, so sad. From here on in there will only be Tempest Rising related humor allowed on this site. Just kidding!

Or am I?

Anyway, here’s the adorable picture:

pups & tempest

Awwwww . . . . Doggies!

As for reviews, there are some great ones up on and on Goodreads! People seem to be enjoying the book . . . yay!

My final bit of exciting news is that I’m not getting my ass walloped in Bitten By Books’ poll for “What are you Waiting for in November?” Don’t get me wrong, there is a hand-shaped print on my buttockulous that looks distinctly like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s, but considering there are actually people WHO NAME THEIR BABIES AFTER HER CHARACTERS, whilst I am but a lowly debut author, I couldn’t be happier. Just to be in the running for a poll like this is SO exciting, and to be holding my own is awesome.

That said, if you haven’t voted please do. Then vote again from your phone. And your secondary PC. Then go into work and vote there.

Not that I’m competitive, or anything. *foams at the mouth*

Okay, I gotta get to work (day job is calling), but thanks for all the support and I hope you enjoy the interviews! And go read Jackie’s series! IT’S PURPLE!

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4 thoughts on “Interviews, Reviews, and MORE PETS!”

  1. Hey Nicole, I voted for you! YAY! W00t!

    I've been trying to get a hold of Tempest since it came out, do you know where I can bag a copy in the UK 'cos you said you weren't releasing here yet. Can I order from to ship to the UK!

    I want to read the book! *stamps feet. Sobs. Whines*

    Ok, you get the point! Congrats that the book is so popular, I've been checking out the reviews on my good reads and each of 'em wets my appetite more each time. And you're such a deserving person, I only hope the book becomes more popular! Will there be re-print.

    Loves and shnuggles,

    Natalie Allan

  2. Just for you I will vote from my phone since it's a voting sort of day. My little town has 5 people running for First Selectman. Population – 6000. Eligible voters – approx. 2800. Hand-written "Vote for Joe" signs – Priceless.

    I'll send in a Selkie Sighting soon…

  3. The pups are so excited to be featured on the site. Gabby (in black) was actually paging through the book, but I couldn't click fast enough to get a picture. Harley (in blonde) was also interested to see what was going on. They usually throughly digest what they have read, but I only let them skim for the time being. Of course dogs love seals!!! Aren't baby seals called pups? 🙂

  4. They ARE called pups! And I think a lot of dogs like Jane. *winkwinknudgenudge* LOL Thanks for playing and say thanks to the puppies, as well!

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