More Sightings!

Hello everybody! Sightings are rolling in thick and fast . . . it seems as if selkies are everywhere!

Don’t forget to send in your photos to enter one or both of the two contests to win a $25 gift certificate!

Here are some recent entries in the Artsy Fartsy (or Wildest Selkie) contest!

The first is from Bill Barnett, who discovered that selkies and the undead (or just dead) can, indeed, get along:

Bill's skeleton photo\

And the second and third are both from Sara Muller, whose cats, apparently, are avid readers. Unfortunately, TR did seem to put her “fat cat” Hobbes to sleep:


But her considerably more svelte cat, Baxter, does seem to be enjoying Jane’s supernatural hijinks:


Awesome! I love seeing what Jane’s getting herself into, now that she’s joined the “real” world! Thanks for playing, guys!

So if you’ve seen a selkie in the wild, and want to play along, remember to send me a photo to enter contest one (Selkie in the Wild) or contest two (Wildest Selkies) at iheartselkies(at)gmail(doterosky)com.

I’ve also updated the Tempest Rising page with more reviews! Thanks!

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