18 thoughts on “Cover Love!”

  1. Very nice – I love how it manages to connect to the first cover while clearly having its own identity (much like the books, I assume!).

  2. Its completely awesome!!! I saw it a few days ago on Sharon's site. Her use of color just blows me away.

  3. Hi Nicole!

    I love the cover.

    It's beautiful.

    And it is akin to the first, so it looks like a series when placed next to Tempest Rising. (like Louisa above commented).

    Love & Best Wishes,



  4. Oh wow, there's so much going on, and the colors are gorgeous. This is a beatiful cover, congratulations!

  5. Thanks everybody!!!

    I think, at this point, I want to finish book 3 so badly mostly because I want to get the rough draft to Sharon so I can see the next cover . . .

    She's a genius!

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