Countdown to Launch Party

I’m writing this post from my friend’s apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’re just about to saddle up and go to my parent’s hotel in Manhattan, drop off some stuff, run some errands, then change into our lovelies!

After which, my mom, my friend Kristin, and I will be going to the Blow Out Bar, to get our hair done.

Why, you ask? Is it prom tonight?

No, my friends . . . tonight is my book launch party. It should be fabulous. My amazing friend, Dr. Whisky, the brand ambassador for Balvenie, is throwing me an AWESOME party at an AWESOME bar.

There will be details and photos despues. I can promise much booze and much charcuterie. Mmmm. Meat platters.

That said, I don’t really know how one “launches” a book. I have visions of chucking an ARC across the room, but, to be perfectly frank, I throw like a girl.

And I don’t think whacking it with a champagne bottle will do much good . . .

So what do you think would be a fun, inventive way to symbolize the launching of a book?

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16 thoughts on “Countdown to Launch Party”

  1. @NicolePeeler I must be reading too much about medieval warfare cause my first response was Trebuchet… 🙂 Throw a party?

  2. Rigged potato launcher. Put that bad boy in, take aim, and POW! A book launch you'll never forget.

  3. I posted this to your FB, but it bears repeating. 🙂

    Whack said book w/ bottle of GOOD champagne (I recommend Veuve Cliquot), say something regal in your best QEII accent and then drink the champagne while reading the juicier bits to the assembled crowd. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a fabulous party!!! I have 2 thoughts – 1 – you should build a float, like from the Thanksgiving day parade. Have a throne in the middle for you to sit and wave (drink some champagne), and have your minons throw some copies of the book into the screaming crowd below.

    2 – Build a giant wall out of books, and run through it…aka like they do at the beginning of a football game running throw a banner.

    I personally think 1 is the way to go. 🙂

  5. Since your character has a water thing, arrange a plunge of sorts. Have a bunch of people dress like her and jump into some frigid H2O. You could offer a signed book as incentive. It is bound to get some press and everyone will be chatting (or chattering) about it.

    What do you think?

  6. Great ideas guys!!! Very inventive! I think my personal favorite is running through a wall of books like a Chicago Bull …

  7. What you need is a piñata shaped like on of your characters! Not really.

    Just ahve a wonderful time – I am picturing it now – wowing everyone with your good looks, great food and wonderful drinks.

  8. So, how big of a wall to make? We have 18 days to get it right. Unveil the big wall the night before and run through it at 12:00. 🙂

  9. LOL I can just picture Jane being launched out of a cannon. Just wanted to let you know, she (in all her half-selkie goodness) "arrived" in my mailbox yesterday & as soon as I finish my pending reviews, I'll be diving into TEMPEST RISING with both feet. SQUEE! I can hardly wait!!!

  10. Great, rub it in that I can't attend this fabulousness! 😉 I am really bummed I coulnd't make it (ugh, the life of a lowly grad student). BUT I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME TIME! PS: Great new cover!

  11. I'm obviously not the only one who immeditately thought of hitting the book with a champagne bottle and announcing the books launched in a poshe Brittish accent. But don't use the Veuve. It's a waste of good champers. Hit it with Yellow instead and save the Veuve for drinking.

    Or, you could wear your best big knickers, get rather sozzled, and introduce yourself with inappropriate remarks, a la Bridget Jones.

    The wall of books though, was a very cunning thought…

  12. The launch was lovely, and thank you for all the great ideas. You were all there in spirit!

    Unfortunately, all I did was give a speech, so Gillian's second option (if you exchange Spanx for big knickers) was really spot on.

    Thanks again for all your kind words. Pictures will be forthcoming!

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