Contest Alert: Don Yer Wellies! It’s a SELKIE HUNT!


According to my maaaahvelous Editrix, Tempest Rising will begin shipping VERY SOON. So Jane True could begin appearing in the wild anytime now.

This means two things. The first is that I’m officially nauseous, but the second is more exciting:

It’s time to have a SELKIE HUNT!

There are two, $25 dollar gift certificates to Barnes and Noble up for grabs, and here’s how you win ONE of those $25 Dollar Gift Certificates:

If you find a selkie in the wild (a copy of TR in a bookstore or your pre-ordered copy freshly birthed from its shipping package), take a picture (you can be in it if you like), and send it to me at iheartselkies(at)gmail(daht)com! I’ll post it on the blog, with your name and the location where you found your selkie. I’ll also add your name to the CONTEST CAN.

To win the OTHER $25 dollar gift certificate, you’ll have to get creative! I want to see a real, WILD selkie! In other words, whoever takes a picture of the most outlandishly located copy of TR wins! Did you find a selkie up a tree? In Zurich? In the ladies room at MOMA? Maybe lunching with Vikings?

The winner of this contest will be chosen by a panel of estimable judges, all highly important members of the upper echelon of les beaux artes and lettres. Our panel will be  revealed on the day the winner is revealed!

These judges will choose from the artsy fartsy photos you send of the Wildest Selkie Imaginable, and gift to the winner the other $25 gift certificate.

Both contests will run until November 8th, with the winners to be revealed November 8th or 9th. You can also enter each contest as many times as you like, as long as the pictures are (in the case of the first contest) of a different selkie spotting (store) and in the second a different, totally uniquely artsy-fartsy photo.

Any questions? Ask in comments! Otherwise, start selkie hunting!

AND ANOTHER CONTEST: I’ve also donated a signed ARC to the illustrious Bree and Donna, the team writing erotica as Moira Rogers. We have books coming out at around the times, and both books have parts set in Maine. Therefore, the lovely Bree and Donna have put together a GORGEOUS contest over at their site of Maine ephemera, including my ARC! Details here. The contest is hilarious and be sure to check out their new book while you’re there!

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10 thoughts on “Contest Alert: Don Yer Wellies! It’s a SELKIE HUNT!”

  1. What if my reserved copy is coming via Kindle? can i just stick my phone w/ your cover art in the preview screen in various undisclosed locations?

  2. Super_Bre: Absolutely! Great question. I forgot about you Kindle-ers. 🙂 So you can do it once from anywhere just to enter the first contest, and then you can get all artsy-fartsy for the second contest!

  3. Hmm, according to my local supplier, your brand of book drug will be available in November, but no idea as to date. I may have to enter in the last minute. Unless…

    Is your contest open to international entries?

  4. Alana: You rock! Awesome!

    Gillian: Hmmmmm . . . I will say yes. If it's an entrant from another country, I will give them a 25 (insert currency here) gift certificate from whatever Amazon is appropriate.

    Good question! Thanks.

  5. They arrived in the store *today*! The nice bookseller went down to get me one from storage, and I explained that *actually* I needed to take a photo of them on the shelf… so he brought up all the copies and faced them out for me. 🙂

    I'll send pictures as soon as I do part two.

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