Rootie in the 'Burbs!

The drive up from Memphis to Aurora, Illinois, was very long, very flat, and very straight. Again, we made amazingly good time, not least because I was on a mission from hell’s kitchen…


To see my ARC’s! So we just made a few pit stops on the way, including dinner chez Mickey D’s….


That was the first time I’d eaten McDonald’s in a very, very long time. It involved a lot of mayonnaise on my burger. Which I relished, because I am a very naughty mayonnaise fiend.

Anyway, eventually we rolled into Aurora and to my childhood home. Where there was a big, beautiful box waiting for me. JOY!

DSC00883 DSC00885

It was really, really cool to see these. I may have teared up a bit. I did not openly weep, as both Rootie and I did while listening to This American Life during the drive up. There was a man talking about his faith after his mother’s death, and we both had tears streaming down our faces. I may have let out a sob. We were already emotionally wrung, and a bit tired, so I only managed to squeeze off a tear or two. Not bad for someone who cries at Hallmark commercials.

And that was it for us. We were both k-nacked, so we we hit the hay.

The next morning, we had coffee and smoothie and then, despite the crazy Illinois lightening storm, went shopping. We also made sure to FINALLY EAT SOME VEGETABLES!


We then spent some money, got our nails done, and did some grocery shopping so I could do my best impression of Peggy Bundy:


I made turkey tacos for my dad, my childhood friend Angela, and Rootie because I have had just about enough of eating out. Dinner was delicious and much more nutritious then our NOLA diet of beignets and Abita.


And my dad enjoyed having dinner with the ladies….


After dinner, we went down to our local hoodrat hang out…..


It was fantastically ghetto, and it was fun to be with Ang back in the bar we used to have the pizza delivery guy drop us off at (long story)….


Rootie enjoyed the ole Pitcher o’ Miller Light as well as some local Chicago brews…

DSC00900 DSC00901

Soon enough, however, we went home. For we were both pooped. We needed a wee rest, and we got it. But tomorrow? Oh, no resting for us, my friends. Tomorrow we par-tay, Peeler style. It all culminates in smooching a real life rockstar….. mit pictures!! Wheeee!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Rootie in the 'Burbs!”

  1. I'll do the Miss America cry for you DP, those books are a sight to behold. CONGRATS!

  2. I stumbled across your blog just as you started your trip…too funny. I will def pick up one of those pretty books when they hit the shelves down here in Atlanta.

  3. Hi Nicole,

    I have been jonzing for your book ever since I saw you on the League. That box of ARCs is torture. Any chance you are sending any out for review or is your pub? I review for Night Owl Romance ( and would love to give you some exposure.
    If not, are you going to do any contests for ARCs?
    Regardless I will be picking up a copy when it hits stores cause it looks AWESOME!!!
    Have a great trip, really enjoying your blog!
    Best wishes!

  4. Hi Leslee! Thanks so much! I can certainly hook you up with a review copy. Just email me your deets at iheartselkies(at)gmail(daht)com. And thanks again! I really hope you enjoy it!

  5. Hi Nicole,

    I emailed you my addy. I am so thrilled!!!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I was that you would be so generous to send me your book. Can't wait to dive into it.

    Best wishes and happy traveling!

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