New York! New York! Day One!

We flew out of O’Hare bright and early. O’Hare makes you check in two hours before your flight time, so we had lots of time to kill. With french toast!


Soon enough, however, we were in NYC! YAY!


We checked into a hotel in Manhattan for the first night because our friends, who we would later be staying with, were in DC until the next day. Plus, I had business in Manhattan the next day with Orbit and Rootie wanted to do some hard core sightseeing. So hotel it was! To be honest, the place wasn’t the W. But it was fine and it was a great location. Despite having wolfed down such a huge breakfast, we were miraculously hungry and had a craving for Chinese….


After lunch, we went back to the hotel and took a nap since we’d woken up at the butt crack to get to O’Hare. We knew we each had big days planned for next day, and it was raining, so we wanted to do something chill. And our amazing friend, Kristin (whom you may remember from my blogging about my last visit to NYC), came up trumps with a genius idea texted to us from DC.

Who doesn’t want to rock out at a place called Beauty Bar? And who doesn’t want to have MANICURES while being served cocktails? I mean, seriously? Whoever came up with Beauty Bar should be charged with saving our economy because that mofo is a GENIUS. We had so much fun!


Yes, those are old school hair dryers behind us. Awesome. Here we are individually happy!

DSC01163 DSC01166

And our nails? Hawt.


I went with the silver and Rootie went with a bold pink. And yes, that was our third manicure of the trip. Sweet.

After our manicures, and maybe a few cocktails, we went to a deli to share  panini. Although we couldn’t quite stop admiring our nails…


Before we called it quits, we snarfed down some chocolaty banana bread. Who knew things wrapped in saran wrap could be sooooo good?


And that was it! We hit the hay. For tomorrow….. ADVENTURES!

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