Size Does Matter . . .

. . . when it comes to printers!  I had a very small printer.  Now I have a very LARGE printer:

The Big Boss

I am impressed with its performance.  It spat out my entire manuscript (double sided!) while I was taking my walkies.  

I know from past experience that editing from the printed page helps serve as a reminder that a final product is the goal.  Not a Lifetime of Editing (Futzing!).

So this is my way of helping myself edit.  That said, I am turning sentence at an alarming rate.  And enjoying every second of it.

For the rest of the day, however, I will be costumed, masked, and sporting in the Blanc et Noir second line.  If you’re in the Port, see you there!  If not, pictures will most assuredly be posted on my facebook page.

And now I will do my best Gambit/Pirate (all my accents inevitably descend into pirate):

Happy Mardi Gras, Cher!

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