Hi folks!

Just posting with some fun news. There are no more Jane True novels on the horizon, BUT I always said I may do some short stories…and I am!

They’re super fun, super fast reads for the established Jane True fan. I’ve got three planned so far: THE HOUND OF BAR HARBORVILLE, THE RYU MORGUE, and THE SATYR OF SAINT GILES.

“The Hound of Bar Harborville” is up first! Here’s the cover, done by the ever fabulous Mark Henry:


Here’s what it’s about:

Anyan can’t wait to get Jane away for a romantic getaway to Bar Harbor – their first since the twins were born. But everything goes awry when Anyan catches Jane accidentally sexy dancing for another man…who happens to be quite dead. Jane, convinced there’s been foul play, wants to investigate, but Anyan just wants to get it on. One naughty wager later and Jane gets her way…but will Anyan eventually get his way with her?

The story is from Anyan’s point of view, and it’ll be out October 15th. I’m posting buy buttons as I’m able to, and you can already pre-order from a few venues here.

I’m writing “The Ryu Morgue” right now, and it’s about Ryu and Maeve, the human he meets in the Initiative, whom we hear about in Tempest Reborn. That should be available in December, after the release of Jinn and Juice and my Sookieverse story, in November.

Finally, “The Satyr of Saint Giles” will be coming out in January, and that’s where Graeme, the sadistic satyr, finally gets his comeuppance.

So be excited! Be very excited! Jane stories are coming at you.

You know her! You love her! You wanted more of her! xoxoxo

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