Big News! New Book Deal!

For those of you who have been waiting for more Jane

You’re still screwed, I really did end that series. HAHAHAHA.

But for realz, I’ve got a new book coming out set in a whole new world…


Here’s the official announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of the Jane True series, Nicole Peeler’s new fantasy novel about a young woman cursed to be a jinn and fighting for her freedom, again to Devi Pillai at Orbit, by Rebecca Strauss at DeFiore and Company.

Here are some more details, just for you lovelies:

Heroine: Leila
Genus: Jinn (but a made one, a human cursed to live as a jinn)
Setting: Pittsburgh (natch!)

I’ll be giving you some more details as I write it, so please “like” my author page, where I’ll be doing most of my book promo, although you’re still welcome on my regular page. That one mostly has pictures of my sammiches and is more inappropriate, on every level.

Anyway, I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEW BOOK. I loved writing Jane. It was so great to be able to tell her whole story, and I’m proud of myself for capping her story where I wanted to. But I was definitely ready to move on, not least as I learned so much writing Jane. So Leila is my new baby, and it’s so much fun to get to know her. She’s snarky, obviously, but confident where Jane was shy, and much more worldly.

Basically, she’s a hoot.

And then there’s my hero……….. *fans herself*

Wanna hear more?

(stay tuned………)

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  1. Probably the last one to hear this but that is amazing Nikki, massive congratulations and big squeeze hug xx

  2. Congrats!!! I can't wait to check it out. I don't think I've ever read a story set in my hometown. Very Cool

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