I’m Alive! Promise!

Hey folks!

Sorry I’ve been sooooo bad about blogging. Everything’s been crazy and blogging is always the easiest thing to conveniently forget to do. 😉 But there’s been tons going on at Casa Peeler; here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. School started! This semester I’m teaching two composition classes (a basic composition and our Writing About Literature for our English majors) and doing my usual MFA duties (teaching a class on building author platforms and mentoring). I’m also doing an independent study with three students that will culminate in them doing Nanowrimo. They’re all students who did my Urban Fantasy class last semester, in which they plotted out a novel in a “worldbuilding book.” Now they have to write it! Should be fun (at least for me).
  2. I went to Anaheim/Oakland for RWA! Well, I went to Anaheim for RWA. But I went to Oakland to visit Juliet Blackwell, Sophie Littlefield, and Rachael Herron. It was a BLAST. There are pics up on my Instagram, including loads of Juliet and me acting like children at Disneyland. The whole trip was wonderful and RWA was very cool.
  3. I went to NOLA for AAD! Which was awesome, obviously, although I came back exhausted. A lot of my friends from Shreveport now live in NOLA, and the rest all came down to see me, which was amazing. We had loads of fun, and I hung out a ton with my author friends, too. So I was doing double duty on the socializing, as well as the eating. But it was such a great time and it was SO good to be back in Louisiana and New Orleans, places I’ve come to love very much.
  4. I sold a graphic novel! Yes, a graphic novel, of “Something Wikkid This Way Come,” the short story involving Triptych.  It’s going to be manga, through Yen Press, and the initial artwork I’ve seen is already amazing. I’m so excited about this! We’ll hopefully be doing something cool for it at New York Comic Con. Because…
  5. I’m going to New York Comic Con! I’ll be doing a panel on Myth Mixology and some signings, and generally mootching. So be sure to come see me if you’re in the area!
  6. I’ve written a short story for an anthology I can’t talk about yet! But it’s going to be super cool and the announcement should be up shortly, and you’ll hear all of us hollering about it. I can tell you it’s another Triptych story, so if you like the girls, you’re in luck!

Other than that I’ve been working working working working working. In that order! And my soundtrack to all that work has been the new Gaslight Anthem CD, Handwritten. I may be a little obsessed. Here are a couple of tracks to make your Saturday that much brighter:

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be working. 😉

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