Six Sentence Sunday: Something Saucy

Hello my friends. I thought I’d give you something special for Six Sentence Sunday today, since it is April first. Which means another month closer to the publication of Tempest’s Fury. So here you go.

“I’m serious, you. I admit, my seduction skills are a little rusty. But I’m going to look forward to getting you alone whenever I can, and making you want me. Eventually I’ll get you to where you’re begging. And then, little girl, I’m going to show you what begging really means.”

With those words the barghest ran one big hand slowly down my back to cup my ass. He squeezed, the look in his eyes making me want to call out for a tarp.

Does this whet your whistle? 😉

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Posted by Nicole Peeler

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16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Something Saucy”

  1. Already ahead of you, per-ordered a couple of days ago 😉 CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!!!!!!

  2. I love that you’re doing this…. Keep them coming please!!!!!!! =D
    It’s is so frustrating to wait, July is so so so far away

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