Podcast: How I Plan For Nanowrimo (or Any Old Book, Really)

Hello my lovelies! FINALLY, here is the Plotting for Nanowrimo podcast that I made as homework for my university’s computer training. But I wanted it to be productive homework, so I made this. It’s about how I plotted my Nanowrimo project, but this is how I plot all of my books (although there’s more bells and whistles for the novels). Feel free to ask any questions in comments!

Follow this link for the podcast…

And thank you SO MUCH to Allison Pang for posting this for me, as I’m an idiot. I owe you dinner, lady!

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: How I Plan For Nanowrimo (or Any Old Book, Really)”

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I'd really love to listen to this, but this is what happens:

    As soon as the page opens, the audio starts automatically and then stops after you introduce yourself. There isn't a play button anywhere I can see. There also doesn't seem to be a download button, so I can't download to listen and listen on my iPod.

    You're teasing me, you are.

    ~Desperately Seeking NaNo help,


  2. Hey Nicole!
    I am having the same issue as Elizabeth and when I pause it for a moment to I can walk away and come back to it,it won’t continue to play. I have to refresh the page so that it can start all over again.


  3. Sorry guys, I couldn’t even get this thing up by myself, so I have no idea how to fix anything. I think the podcast experiment was a bust. 😉

  4. I realize this was posted many many moons ago but I'm really buckling down to write now! When I watched it a few months ago, it was very helpful, I wanted to rewatch to see if I missed anything. When I go to load the video it says movie not found, was it taken down? Thanks!

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