Belated Pimpage and a WIENER!

Hello mah pets.

First off, I’m sorry that everything about this post is belated. I’m afraid that I am belated, this week. I’m revising revising revising and although it’s going well, my brain is a bit of a scramble.

So first off, let me extended a belated, but heartfelt pimp slap to three of mah favorite ladies, Lee McClain, Sophie Littlefield and Rachael Herron. Sophie’s beautiful new YA, Unforsaken, released last week.  Here’s the cover. Gorgeous.

Rachael also the release of her latest knitting romance, the cover of which I think is precious:

All I can find on the net is this weensy copy of it, but it’s lovely!

Finally there’s Lee McClain’s book. Lee is my colleague at Seton Hill, and one of the people responsible for hiring me. She’s also an amazing lady who I’m so glad I get to know and call friend. I really respect her and care for her, and this book looks adorable. It’s young YA, with tons of heart. It’s Sizzle!

So git to shopping! Sizzle would also make a great edition to your child’s library at school, so you might want to buy an extra to donate. 🙂

And, finally, we have a wiener. The contest can has spoken and JESSICA S, you get to email me with your address and any two mass market paperbacks ($7.99 or under) available on Amazon that you’d like me to order for you. Thanks for playing!

Time for me to get back to work. No rest for the wicked!

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  1. Yay! This is the first time I won a contest from you Nicole! Sent my email out just a minute or so ago!!

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