AAD: or, Philly, I Hardly Knew Ye!

Howdy folks!

I’m back in  Greensburg, believe it or not! I came home to a dusty, but intact, apartment. Yay! Then I had TWO FULL DAYS of meetings for the day job. It was intense! But great seeing my colleagues again, all of whom are awesome.

But that’s not what you want to hear about. You want to hear about Authors After Dark! And see all the pictures I took, right?

Wellllllllllll….imma tell you about my photography skillz.

I have none.

So I took all these wonky-assed, out of focus, ridiculously far away photos of stuff that amused me at the time, but now I a) can’t think why and b) am not really sure what they are.

Which is why there will be my USUAL DEARTH OF PHOTOGRAPHS on this blog post. Because I suck.

AAD, on the other hand, DID NOT SUCK. It was, in fact, SO MUCH FUN! So fun I have to use all caps AND exclamation marks. There was just such a great vibe at the con: everyone was super enthusiastic, eager to be there and meet each other and the authors, and generally just be happy and enthusiastic. I had a blast meeting everyone, and hanging out with people, and I don’t know what else to say except it was GOOD.

There was much laughter, quite a bit of food consumed, some raunchy readings, many panels, I put the slap down as a moderator on occasion, and incited some pinnings of pensises on our poor founding fathers. To top it all off, there was also a film crew, filming a documentary about the romance community. So all in all it was a surreal, but fabulous, experience.

I will definitely be rocking out AAD 2012 in NOLA, my fave city. That said, it’s gonna be hotter than the hubs of hell, but you’re supposed to sweat in NOLA. If you ain’t sweatin’, you ain’t doin’ it right. πŸ˜‰

So that’s all she wrote about AAD. It’s not that I don’t have more to say, but it’s already been AGES, and everyone else and their mother has done AWESOME blog posts on everything that happened (with pictures! That don’t suck!). So if you’re intrigued, just follow the #aad2011 hashtag on twitter and it’ll lead you to many blog posts.

But it DID rock, and if you’re on the fence about coming next year, don’t be. Get off that fence and get to New Orleans!

Now, because I don’t have any of my OWN GODDAMNED PICTURES BECAUSE I SUCK, I’m going to share with you what has to be my favorite piece of fan art yet. I know, I say every new piece is my favorite, but that’s because it is!

I bet you readers will know exactly where this scene comes from, no?

This was made by Regan Johnson (blog and website) and I adore it! It’s now my wallpaper on my laptop.

I totally get a kick out of stuff like this, so whenever you’ve made anything Jane related, lemme know! I’ll pimp it on the blog. Because one of the things AAD and RomCon reminded me of is that I have the coolest fans ever. They’re people I like hanging out with, people who inevitably get me since they get my books, and people whom I’m lucky to have in my corner.

So VIVA LA FANS! In honor of you all, I’m going to do a contest. Just comment here about anything you like that authors do. Do you like when we blog? Do book groups? Do you like newsletters? Tweets? What? Let me know, as I’m always trying to figure out new ways to reach out to you and get you the information you desire.

So comment below, and on Monday, August 22, at 8:00 AM ET, I’ll randomly pick THREE winners (lucky number three!) who can pick ANY MASS MARKET PAPERBACK (the kind that are $7.99 or under) on Amazon and I’ll have it shipped directly to your door. Sound good? That’s ANY mass market paperback: it doesn’t have to be mine, or UF, or whatever. I can also ship it to your kindle if that’s how you roll.

I heart you guys! GROUP HUG!!! *slobbers*

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40 thoughts on “AAD: or, Philly, I Hardly Knew Ye!”

  1. I am finding I like the Tweets. It reminds me that you are regular people like me. Sometimes I feel newsletters are mass produced and not as personal. When I see a tweet about Zumba or buying Hello Kitty stuff, its like Wow she has just as weird sense of humor as me.

  2. I like when authors blog, tweet, keep their websites up-to-date (not required when on deadline), and generally interact with their readers. Newsletters are good too. It keeps me up to date when I don't have time to visit all the blogs.

    Glad that you had fun at AAD! I'm hoping to be at AAD NOLA. I have to find that blue drank I had and then eat some beignets with chickory coffee. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Nicole! Loved the photo you tweeted of "Pin the Penis."

    As for what I like that authors do? Well, I like it when authors write. I like it best when they (you!) write books. As a further caveat, I like it when you all write a series that I can live in, getting to know the characters, furthering my knowledge of what makes them tick. I may bitch when the next book doesn't come fast enough (really? Next SUMMER?!), but I generally wait patiently and read blogs and enter contests and tweet about and to an author until I get that damned next book.

  4. I love that I can stalk you on twitter and facebook and you ACTUALLY TALK TO PEOPLE. Yeah, go you. Oh, and your pink petticoat. I have, recently, become a stalker of author blogs, because, I have discovered, that the authors I like to read have entertaining blogs as well. Who knew, right? Not to mention, you all seem to have great taste in each other.

  5. I enjoy it all. It's fantastic to hear updates on upcoming books or ideas your working on. Love when share newb books or authors. Lastly it's always fun to peek into someone elses creative world. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!

  6. I love blogs. Especially ones with pictures from different events(even if they are really bad pictures because they are good talking points). They allow the fans to see more of the authors personality.

  7. I love it when authors tweet, blog, and put out newsletters to keep me updated! More info the better! Love your books!

  8. I like authors blogs. I don;t necessarily need long blogs, because I don't often have a lot of time to read them, but short and quick is always great. I haven't broken down and gotten a twitter but I'm sure I would love those too! I also appreciate when authors put little free short stories online in between book releases so I have something to keep me going (hint hint.. and awesome scene with Jane and Anyan that we've been waiting for…*g*)

  9. First, I think YOUR blog is beautiful. The colors are fun and soothing. I'm grateful that you take the time to share your world, as an author, with me. I want to know what your working on and, of course, when it's coming out so I can add it to my list of new releases to watch for. Most of my favorite authors don't have signings in my area, so I don't get the chance to meet them. Your blog/Twitter/Facebook are the only ways I can make a connection with you. I can't afford to travel to conventions (BOO). But I can read posts from my favorite authors, and I'm able to experience it a bit through you. I appreciate writing tips, links to other authors' sites, urban fantasy sites, and I really like reading about the journey towards becoming a published author. Tweets are always fun and informative–I always find new sites, authors and books that I didn't know about via authors' tweets and links. It's hard to commit to book groups, but I personally love groups for writers. I know you are super busy, especially since you teach as well, and I thank you for taking time out of your packed schedule to stay in touch and interact with your fans. I also very much enjoy guest posts. I'm always excited to hear from you. It means a LOT. The one thing I wish for is a way to get autographed copies of books. That seems hard to do. Again, there are rarely ever signings in my area. Kim Harrison and Faith Hunter both make signed copies available at their local indie bookstore (at regular mass market prices!) that fans can order and have shipped, just like Amazon, but with much better packaging and service. That is fantastic! Thanks again for all you do. Much love and best wishes!

  10. I love your blog posts on this blog and The League of Reluctant Adults, I adore you on Twitter and Facebook, and yes, I always enjoy author's newsletters. I say keep doing what you're doing because it's all great. I just ordered Eye of the Tempest, so I'm all caught up until Tempest's Fury comes out, yeah!

  11. Tweets work best for me. If I read blogs from all the authors I love, I'd never have time to read their books! But twitter gets across all the promo stuff I need to know plus I can pick & choose which links to delve deeper into and which are less imperative on a given day.

    And twitter convos between authors can be oh so damn amusing – Peeler, Wells, Mead – can't imagine the shenanigans when y'all get together in person! πŸ™‚

  12. I love it when authors tweet, and blog.. But real stuff, not just how to write or what they are writing.. I love it when they show us their soft underbelly.. It makes us feel a part of things…

  13. I love blogs and twitter. Blogs are fun to read and help tide us over while waiting (rather impatiently) for the next installment in a series and twitter is great for keeping up to date and getting an idea of what authors are really like. Plus it's such a kick when you get a reply or some other interaction. I've actually managed to find out about secret signings and meet some authors when they managed to make it out to Australia because I was contacted them via Twitter.

    Sadly newsletters often get forgotten in my email inbox – but I do read them when I remember!

    Loving the Jane True series – thanks!

  14. Blog to me, author-baby! I love reading about your adventures, projects and friends here (and on the Pens Fatales site). And if I had a good non-stupid cellphone and an extra 6 hours a day, I'd totally twitter-stalk all my author idols. (It's probably just as well.) Anyway, keep on bloggin' and I'll keep on readin'.

  15. I love when authors blog and tweet. In fact, Twitter has been the most amazing thing, because we get get these brief snippets that change you from that-name-on-the-cover to real-life-person (who sometimes even OMG!shetweetedbacktome!!!1! ahem.) It makes waiting for the next book easier, when we get to 'participate' in your lives as you write, edit, do day-job stuffs, go to zumba or tae-kwon-do or maybe crochet, or find/suggest a new great author/series, or go to cons or on fabulous month long vacations to London in the cutesy flat ever (was it as cute as the real estate pictures, btw? Cuz if it was, I may have to hate you just a teensy bit more! Ha!)

    Also, contests & giveaways are great, too. πŸ˜‰

    Welcome home, happy new school year, and keep up what you're doing! Ur doin it rite. :p

  16. Personally, small conventions (if only I were in the same hemisphere as the cons I want to go to more often) > blogs > large conventions (too easy to get lost in the throng, or discover that $FAVOURITE AUTHOR's panel conflicts with $OTHERINTERESTINGPANEL conflicts with &c) > other forms of social media > newsletters > smokesignals > heliographs > carrier pigeons > messages in bottles > Twitter.

    As for content – whatever catches your fancy, natch. Heads-ups about upcoming books and stories are always good, as are musings on the art and craft of writing and the industry, but so's everything else – what are *you* reading (I've discovered some great writers via plugs from other authors), listening to, watching, or just feel like talking about.

  17. I absolutely love it when authors are interactive on their facebook pages. It makes it closer to an actual conversation when the authors banter back and forth with the readers, answer questions and all in all just act interested and friendly! I love your books and I love your blog. I adore the language you use in your blog and you often make me laugh out loud!

    I really do like contests too. And, at the risk of sounding like a suck up, if I get picked I'd love any of your books, signed! Thanks for being interactive and welcome home!

    Crank out another book, why don't you? I have to say I really hate it the way the last one ended…*no sex!*

  18. I like blog posts and newsletters best! Just to get a sense of what my fave authors are up to on the writing front and real life front–if they care to share!

    I'm one of the "weird" ones among my friends for I don't use Facebook or any other social network–besides blogging that is! As for Twitter I don't usually follow those either since I'm always in the blogging world!

  19. Hey Errybody!!! Thanks for all the great, considered, replies! I'm learning so much!

    It's great to hear that people enjoy this blog! There are so many ways to blog, and mine isn't the most interactive in the sense that I don't raise huge issues or ask big questions. So I don't always know if people are reading or enjoying what I'm writing, as I don't have dozens of comments like some types of bloggers get. So it's GREAT to know that y'all are reading and enjoying these kinds of posts, that are more personal but less interactive. The idea that I'm giving you insight into my/the writer's life is interesting, and I'm glad that you enjoy that insight.

    It's also interesting your focus on interactivity, and that's something I keep telling people. Social networking is for being social! So I'm glad that you feel that way, too, and it's not just an excuse for me to yammer away at people. πŸ˜‰

    VERY interesting on the negative reaction to newsletters. I keep hearing I'm absolutely wrong NOT to do a newsletter (I just haven't made time), but you guys are reacting only semi-positively to them? Would you say that a newsletter is LESS important than an updated website that's easy to maneuver? Or do you like both? Or do you think a newsletter is still important?

    As for what happens when Jaye Wells and I get together, I have a tattoo of a mustache on my finger to prove it's fun. πŸ˜‰

  20. YAY!!!!!!! Love you, Nicole Peeler!!! You were the best Moderator, Speaker, and Smut Reader there!! We all agreed!!!! πŸ˜› And I looove the fan art AWWWW he's tryin to snag Jane's fry πŸ˜› I love it when you tweet. You are highly entertaining, and you interact with us, which is super awesome. Thanks for giving us Jane!

  21. I, too,love you ever-present and highly interactive Tweets and blogs! I found you on accident on IBooks and devoured the first three Jane books likethe hungry, hungry hippo I am!

    If you ever make it to WV (no one does-we're like the Bermuda Triangle of social suckiness) I'll be first in line for the meet and greet!

  22. I love interacting with my favorite authors, and maybe one day, I will have enough free time and energy to actually attend an overnight convention. (fingers crossed and knocking on wood)Until that day I have to content myself with stalking on FB, Twitter and blogs.Oh, and reading everything I can get my greedy little hands on. Thanks for the contest!

  23. I much prefer blogs to newsletters as well. It's disappointing when someone says they will send out a newsletter every month, quarter, year, whatever, and then not follow through because it takes up more time than they bargained for. Better to just blog when you can and keep up with your readership that way, no?

  24. I love the newsletters. Once a month updates with all the news fit to print or not. lol If its on twitter or facebook I probably missed it.

  25. I love the blogs!!! They definitely keep me entertained and up to date on my favorite authors. Authors seem to have more crazy adventures than others, or maybe its just you Nicole, but it always makes me laugh.

    Plus – get ready to enjoy football season in da 'burgh. You know its a special sacred time. πŸ˜‰

  26. You are so awesome Nicole and you always keep it light and fun. Your panels were fantastic. Cannot wait to meet up in 2012! What do I love about authors!? I love that most are open, caring and as enthusiastic about books as I am!!!

  27. Nicole,

    I adore you and adore authors like you! You really reach out to your fans through the best outlets available. Tweets, facebook, and blog post's have got to be my fav. Also, I think newsletters are a lil impersonal because it's generic and although I think they can have some great info, tips and news but I don't think it's the best way to really connect to their fans.

    Thanks for all you do!


  28. On the question of "Web site vs. newsletters: CAGE MATCH!", I favour an up-to-date Web site – if I just want to know "When is the next book coming out", I can open up the Web browser and look; if I want more depth, or a more social experience, I can follow the link(s) to blogs, Facegooglejourntwit+, or whatever

    Where newsletters shine, IMO, is on the publisher level, rather than the author level – a nice little summary of "Here are the books coming out in the next month" is handy.

  29. I love blogs and twitter. But I really love when they do live question and answer events that is soo much fun.

  30. I love Author Blogs! There are about 6 I visit on a regular basis to keep up-to-date on my favorite authors. I also follow a few authors on FaceBook as I am there almost every day. Newsletters rock!!

    I am not very active on Twitter, I essentially only read the feeds streamed to the side of the website.

  31. Blog posts are the best because even if I don't read them immediately, I don't feel like I missed the boat. Twitter is a fun concept, but too ADD for me. Oh, and newsletters are cool, also.

    BTW, Nicole, you're one of the funniest bloggers ever.

    I think about you every time I'm hanging out in my kitchen writing in underwear or any other not very clothed state. That post made me laugh big time.

  32. Even more than author blogs (which I do love), I really appreciate authors who have complete web sites. I want to be able to look at your site and know what you've written, what order they go in, a little bit about you, and reviews/news/appearances are all helpful, too. But that complete bibliography, in an easily viewable and understandable format, seems like such a no-brainer to me that I always get frustrated when an author I like *doesn't* have one on their site. (Or -only- has a blog, and doesn't have a full site at all.)

    I acknowledge that this is partly because I'm a reviewer and a researcher on projects, so I need more out of an author site than some readers might. But the bibliography is key.

    Which makes me think that maybe I'd better go spend some time fixing my own site… πŸ™‚

  33. FWIW, and I think I told you this on twitter, I like author newsletters when they’re not too regular. Monthly or whenever there’s big news only is good. That way if I get behind on a blog, I’m still kept up to date. I think newsletters are much less important than an updated site, though.

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