Cheap Tempest Rising and a Pimp Slap!

Hi folks! Just a quick update to tell you that from now until July 27th, Tempest Rising is an Amazon Sunshine Deal at only $1.99 on Kindle! So if you’ve been wondering whether to give Jane a shot, now is the time. You can also admire the new Kindle covers Orbit has done for the series:

In pimpage news, Sophie Littlefield has another of her awesome dystopian zombie fictions releasing this week. Exciting! Here’s the cover with a link to Amazon:

The pimp hand has smacked! And now I must write a book. *le sigh*

Posted by Nicole Peeler

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6 thoughts on “Cheap Tempest Rising and a Pimp Slap!”

  1. Don't know how to notify Amazon, but the deal is not working. They still have it listed at $7.99. It looks as if they intended to list it for less.

  2. I just noticed that, too! It was definitely $1.99 earlier, I downloaded it myself. 😉 I've emailed my publisher to see if it can be put back to rights. Keep an eye on it if you intend to download, and it will hopefully be fixed shortly or I'll update with what I discover.

  3. Great luck with the series, Sophie! Can't wait to read this one, too. 😉

  4. Done! Thanks for the terrific deal, Nicole, but I've a feeling it's gonna be very similar to "the first one's free… go ahead, it won't hurt you… you'll like it" and BAM! I'll be hooked.

    Yay! I love finding a terrific new series. Mwah!

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