Guest Post: Kevin Hearne!

Hello folks! Nicole here, but not for long. For today I’m handing the blog over to Kevin Hearne, whose new novel Hounded is out now! This book is fabulous. I know, because I blurbed it. It’s also gotten much love from Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times, and other great review sources. And it’s a sexy cover:

Well hello there, Atticus Sexy Pants! I like your mighty broadsword.

Without further ado, here’s Kevin!

Whiskey, feh!

(okay, I, Nicole, made up that title)

Nicole Peeler is one o’ my favorite people. Not only does she write really endearing and laugh-out-loud funny urban fantasy, but she cracks me up on Twitter and teaches newbie authors like me how to deal with the many demands of the publishing business. It’s actually a detailed and thoughtful philosophy, but it can be summed up like this: “Let your agent handle most things. For everything else, there’s whisky.” (For me, it’s whiskey, but this is Nicole’s blog, so we’ll leave out the e.)

Nicole also wrote a blurb for my debut, Hounded, and then she invited me to join The League of Reluctant Adults! Today I’m appearing on quite a few of their blogs as a guest, since it’s my release day and the League is just the coolest bunch o’ people I know. If you’d like the full list of where I’m at today on the Internet(s), pop over to my blog. But since Nicole has done so much for me, I’m doing some special stuff here.

First, I’m going to share with you a side project I’m working on, inspired by fellow Leaguers Allison Pang and Carolyn Crane. Allison and Carolyn have made some neato trading cards featuring their characters to give out to their fans at signings and such. Being a bit of a turbonerd, I had to take it a step further. I’m creating a dueling card game based on the world of The Iron Druid Chronicles, and it’s been a complete hoot so far. The mechanics should be familiar to anyone who’s ever played Magic: The Gathering or similar games, but the cards feature quotes and characters from my first two books, from goddesses to faeries to werewolves. There will be thirty different cards in the deck when I’m finished, though you’ll need to use multiple copies of some cards to play, and I have 24 of them designed so far. Here are three:

Aren’t they hella cool? I’ll be talking more about the Iron Druid card game on my own blog sometime in June after the release of HEXED, but I wanted to debut the project here.

The second thing I’m doing is this: Nicole’s gonna run a giveaway of Hounded—her rules. But if you win, you’re not just going to get a copy from Amazon, you’re going to get a signed author copy made out to you specially! I hope you’ll all go for it, and while you’re waiting to see if you won, click here to read the first six chapters for free and get to know Atticus! Of course it’s available at all the usual places you buy books, and if you dig it, you won’t have long to wait for the next two: Hexed comes out June 7 and Hammered on July 5! Cheers!

Nicole is back! I thought for the contest we’d do something bawdy and funny, because I’m all about the bawdy/funny. This is completely random, and you can enter just by commenting anything (except NICOLE SUCKS, which is just mean, really). But if you want to play, in comments try to come up with a playing card that would be appropriate for Kevin’s game, but also completely inappropriate as a double entendre. For example, instead of Demon Rams we might have a card that’s “Ramming the Demon,” with an appropriately ridiculous summary. As I said, you don’t have to play (this one’s kind of hard), and you’re entered by commenting anything. But if you want to play, I know there are some crafty little fuckers amongst you. 😉

I’ll pick a winner, at random, next Monday. Bonne chance, demon rammers!

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27 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kevin Hearne!”

  1. As much as I'd like to cone up with something Percy and awesome, it's far too early for that lol. So I'll settle for saying something about stroking the wand and pixie dust and that's all I got.

  2. How about a special "scabbard" for a defense or magic boost? Let's call it the "Goddess Sheath". Yep, I said it. (=

  3. Goddess Sheath!!!! *dies* Awesome!

    Awesome! Thanks for entering (my Goddess Sheath?) and playing everyone!

  4. A werewolf nicknamed "Bite." Since he's enormous and head of the pack, he's also known as "Bite the Big One." (But never to his face!)

    Just downloaded the first six chapters. Really looking forward to Hounded – and the next Jane True!

  5. Well, reading the first few chapters on his website, the first thing my inner pervert came up with was "Coyote: Doggy Style is Best."

    Way less classy than Goddess Sheath. Nice, Kayla B. 🙂

  6. I'm hooked from just the first few chapters. Love that you (Kevin Hearne) give readers a taste of the good stuff so they are hooked to have to come back. Thank you (Nicole Peeler) for always promoting other fun readers, especially books with Irish wolfhounds and sexy Irishmen can't go wrong there.

    In regards to the bawdy/funny portion: I have never heard of magic cards before, but obviously from a quick google I must live under a rock not to have heard of it before now. How about a "Sarcasm Sting" – a game "Oh, snap, no he didn't."

    Happy Release Day to Kevin Hearne and I can't wait for the next installment of the Jane True Series by Nicole Peeler.

  7. Hmmmm . . .

    'Werewolf: Care for a doggie bath?'

    Jane #3 is next on my reading list. Then I'm going to have to get Hounded–cause it just sounds awesome. And the guy on the cover–Yum 🙂

  8. Oh boy I'm going to need to mull this over. Not really a creative person but will think on it. Hanging out for this book but it's not available in NZ yet.

  9. My mind just doesn't work that way, so I can't come up with anything for the cards. But I'd certainly love to win a copy of Hounded. It's definitely on my wish list now. By the way, I just got my copy of Tempest's Legacy and I'm looking forward to reading it very soon.

  10. Sadly the month of May doesnt leave me a lot of time to be creative. But I did want to stop and say congrats on the release! Been reading lots of great things about it and am looking forward to reading it soon.

  11. Okay, this is too cool to make up a dueling game off your own book! So cool you can do that.

    Now, I can't really play along just yet as I haven't read the book yet. 🙁 But it sounds like a great read and is on my list! I've been hearing awesome stuff on it. 🙂 So, I wanted to wish you all the best! (and of course enter for the book as I want it!) lol.

    Thank you Nicole! And best of luck to you Kevin!

  12. In the book they kept mentioning him so . . . I will throw my hat in the ring with: "Thundering Thor".

  13. Really looking forward to reading HOUNDED. It's been on the WWBL since first hearing of it and thank you for not making us wait long between books in the series.

    As for my submissions….

    Fugly Rat's Ass…no one wants to play it, touch it, say it….

    Frisky Friar

    Fudgin' Icehole

  14. How about an arcane ritual like "sucking the vampire dry"? It would be a means of draining the after-lifeforce out of a vampire, perhaps leaving him/her a pile of powder, if it takes full effect. In true double-entendre fashion, there would definitely be a sexual component to the ritual. (Heh, heh, I almost typed "rut-ual"… which is possibly one pun too many for a comment, even if it was unintentional.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to play along and to win. And thanks also for the intro to a hot new author!

  15. HOUNDED sounds interesting and I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. As far as a card suggestion, I have to say Goddess Sheath seems pretty unbeatable. Maybe Knight Longsword or Training Waster.

  16. I have to confess Kevin is a completely new author to me but since the ladies at Book Lovers Inc. can't stop gushing about his novel, I'm intrigued and would love to see for myself, the cover sure looks appetizing.. err I mean interesting! 😉

    Thanks for the chance and cool cards! 🙂

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Awesome, trading cards. Thats such a cool idea. Umm, how about 'Big Magnum'. Pretty lame I know. Great giveaway. I seriously want Kevin's book! lol.

    strangecandyreviews at gmail dot com

  18. I've just added this to my TBR list based on the name Atticus alone 🙂


  19. Off & on, the last couple of days, I've tried to come up with a cool card idea. I mean, I spent so much money on Magic: The Gathering stuff! But if I'm honest, it was all stuff I bought for my ex, and I never really paid attention. Turns out I didn't pick up anything by transference or osmosis or nuthin'! But kudos to those who were creative, though. And especially huge-mongous kudos to Kevin! For Hounded (and books 2 through 9, too!), for Atticus and Oberon, for coming up with a great twist for your trading cards, etc. Do your students know how bad-ass their teacher is? 🙂

  20. How about a nymph card when playe against another player lost interest for so many turns depending on their level. Like level 1 lose interest for 1 turn around two minutes. You know like most newbie males and higher the level more turns they miss. Higher the level longer the nypmh takes care of character.

  21. I am not to creative when it comes to things like that. The book sounds great and would love to win. I do like goddess sheath. it is had to give any names because i have not read any of the series yet. but would love to win to try it out so please pick me.

  22. Aw, nuts, am I too late? I'd really love to win Kevin's book!!!

    I've never played one of those card games… but what about… hm, it's hard not to get too naughty!!! Okay, I'm just going to let it roll– what if the card was for a C*ck Ring– have a picture of a pretty silver ring with a rooster head or something– and it gives the bearer a boost to strength or endurance or something? *Cringes* Too hardcore???

  23. You guys are awesome! I had such fun reading your comments.

    I think, however, the Cock Ring card should be for an actual chicken. LOL Like you have a ring of power that releases a gaggle of angry, fighting cocks at your attacker.

    Anyway, hilarious! Thanks for playing everyone, and the wiener is posted above!

  24. Okay… I’ve read the entire series up to Hammered … well, listened to it on audio book anyway (it makes boring jobs past fast if you can listen to a good story while you do it hehe), and I have to say, Leif has stolen the show for me. After a certain sparkly vampire made headlines, I absolutely came to detest anything to do with vampires apart from Helsing, but Leif has redeemed them in my eyes. What a perfect character. I’m entirely smitten with him. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but I have to say (and this is a warning for you Mr. Hearne:P)…things better come good for him or man… Ima not be happy 😛

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