I Wax Poetic About Genre, Thanks

Hi there everyone!

I’ve done a rather random vlog regarding genre, especially that of literary v. popular genres of fiction. I also give you some of my rare, but always gem-like, advice. It’s just so faceted! Really!

On Thursday I’ll have MUCH PIMPAGE and maybe another contest. We’ll see. In the meantime, tell me what you think about why we can’t all love all books, and remember there’s a contest to win a signed copy of Sophie Littlefield’s AFTERTIME on the post below this one.

See y’all soon!

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10 thoughts on “I Wax Poetic About Genre, Thanks”

  1. Yes. I read to connect to other people, and a story's worth (to me, personally) is in how strongly I can form a connection through it. This is such a fantastic post. Thanks for this!

  2. The shift in today's culture is the result of the advancing social connections. We define ourselves by the connections we form. One look at Facebook profiles and you can see that a person defines who they are by how they are connected to other things. As a culture we have that mentality both in writing and reading. Very insightful, I doubt I could be that coherent for 10min. Heh.

  3. I liked this and I think it's true. I'm a bookcase snoop. Whenever I go to someone else's house I totally snoop through their bookcases-and if I find that they have a book that I have read and liked, I totally feel a connection. Or if they have books I haven't read and don't know much about, I have always looked at it as a way of getting to know that person better and understand what they personally connect to. I don't judge what anyone reads, that would be hypocritical since I love my Buffy graphic novels as much as my Shakespeare folio my parents bought me for graduation. 🙂 But I do admit to judging people who don't like to read. I don't get that.

  4. @NicolePeeler Great vlog. You are cute and brainy. What a cultural sage. I'm jealous of your talent and wit. Take a bite!

  5. The end of your V-log really reminded me about how passionate my Uncle Woody (Wilson Rawls) used to get when he talked about how he loved all books. I think that is one of the keys to being a great author.

  6. Such a great vlog. I appreciate when anyone says not to apologize for something that brings them joy. The idea of guilty pleasures drives me INSANE.

    And your hair is totally cute!

  7. Thank you! I read whatever I read for enjoyment and not to define myself in some way or to fit into some sort of social group. Fiction is fiction to me whether it is classified as genre fiction or literature. Take a bite is exactly right. You never know what wonderful taste you might find.

  8. AJ: Thanks for commenting and letting me know! I never know if people actually like me babbling. LOL I'm sure a lot don't–vlogging isn't everyone's cup of tea. But I'm glad to know some people do like it. 🙂

    PW: You're sweet, I think I mostly babble. LOL But you're absolutely right about this idea of "connection." I blame the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon! 😉

    Izzybella: OMG I'm SUCH A bookcase snoop. And I judge like crazy. LOL Great comment!

    Susan: Passion shows in everything we do. I'm a big fan of passion. 😉

    Carolyn: YOU are absolutely wonderful!

    Johnnie: YOU are totally cute! See you in MAY!

    Qwill: Exactly! There are such great books out there in every genre.

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