Legacy Release Contest! And Final Vlog!

Hello my friends!

Legacy is really, for sure, totally out. Amazon’s shipped and everything. So YAY!

Happy belated book birthday to me,

Happy belated book birthday to me,

Happy belated book birthday, Tempest’s Legacy,

Happy belated book birthday to me!

Here’s some of the most recent things to have gone up about Jane True book #3:

Bea’s Book Nook Review and Interview.

Pam’s review on Wicked Little Pixie

The ever-wonderful Paul over at Barnes and Noble Book Blogs has made Legacy his first January pick. Feel free to join in the conversation!

Review from Cookies, Books, Bikes

The Amazon reviews are coming in, and so far so good!

A very cool 2010 list with some very cool peeps!

Review and Interview (with a giveaway!) at the Qwillery!

Wayfaring Writer review

I’m excited to see all the wonderful comments about book 3, but I’ve been all about book 4 over break. And this morning, I sent in revisions for Eye of the Tempest! It’ll need a few more wee tweaks, I’m sure, but I think I got the bulk of the problems fixed.

So I’m going into January feeling great, as you can probably see from the little reading and New Year’s pep-talk vlog I’ve done for you:

Sometimes, I get a little excited. 🙂 But you can get excited, too! Because I am doing a CONTEST!

Yes, friends, a contest. Here’s the prize:

1 UK Edition Tempest Rising
1 UK Edition Tracking the Tempest
1 MP3 CD or 1 regular CD of Tempest Rising (your choice)
1 MP3 CD or 1 regular CD of Tempest’s Legacy (your choice)
1 $25 dollar gift card from Barnes and Noble (or equivalent monetary equivalent, on your country’s Amazon)

So this contest is international, and easy to win!

All you have to do is rack up entries using the following system:

Comment here (+1)
Follow me on Facebook (+1)
Follow me on Twitter (+1)
Review Legacy on your blog (+5)
Review Legacy on Amazon (+5)
Review Legacy on Goodreads, Shelfari, or similar (+5)
Post a new review of books 1 and/or 2 on Amazon, your blog, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc. (+5 each, “new” is considered post-December 2010)
Pimp this contest (+2 entries for each kind of social media, so +2 for a blog post, +2 for a tweet, etc).

Make sense? When you comment, be sure to tally everything up that you’ve done.

I will pick a winner on Monday, January 31st,2011, so you’ve got lots of time to rock out with your Jane out.


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52 thoughts on “Legacy Release Contest! And Final Vlog!”

  1. Hey Nicole, loved the book—Jane (and you) made me laugh as always! You don't need to enter me for the contest, but you know I'll pimp you hard! It was a great read!

  2. Pick me Pick me!!!


    Urban Fantasy Investigations


    (+1)Comment here

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    (+1)Follow me on Twitter (@StacyMaynard)

    (+5)Review Legacy on your blog http://urbanfantasyinvestigations.blogspot.com/20
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    (+5 )http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/132534451
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    TOTAL= 22

  3. ooooh, such nice prizes1 Thanks 🙂

    Comment here (+1)

    Follow me on Facebook (+1)

    Follow me on Twitter (+1)

    Review Legacy on your blog (+5)

    Review Legacy on Amazon (+5)

    Review Legacy on Goodreads, (+5)

    Pimp this contest (+2 for a tweet)

    total = 20

  4. Happy belated book bday Nicole.

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    7 entries so far



    dlsmilad at yahoo dot com

  5. +1 Comment Here

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    +5 Amazon Review

    +5 Goodreads Review

    +2 Tweet Pimpage

    15 pointsies

    Yay contests! (You already got me that rad BBB prize!)

  6. Not an entry, I just wanted to say congrats. I am waiting on Amazon-sooo slow! I just moved to PA too (not far from you). I have been here about 2 months now and still struggling, so I feel ya. You look great, congrats and have a great new year.



  7. Nice prizes! I love this series, I did a review on Goodreads for the 2nd book but that was back in July which is ok.

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    +2 Retweeted contest as jopmav

  8. @NicolePeeler I noticed on my cal that it's tomorrow got excited for you, and me! I'm 1st on the library reserve list, can't wait.

  9. @NicolePeeler I like what you said about goals vs. resolutions. Focus on doing things that need to be done & be happy w/ your achievements.

  10. oh my did i enjoy watching this – i love the parts where your pretty eyes get all wide. it's like that one meerkat video with the spooky music, only prettier. very inspiring too! ok darlin, i'll kick ass this year if you will….ready, set, GO!!!!


  11. I just finished reading Legacy yesterday and I loved it! 6 thumbs up! (I'm a brownie-hah!) And I love the new haircut. Very nice. Are you settled into your new school? How many students have you tempted over to the dark urban fantasy side? I know you had set a goal for yourself and wondered if you'd reached it yet…20 %, 30? More? Tell all!

  12. Great reading! 🙂 I have the book here and can't wait to dig in! Sounds exciting.

    Sounds like you have some big plans here this year. 🙂 Maybe I'll see you around town somewhere. 🙂 I hope you do get to meet loads of fun people here.

    Hope you have an amazing 2011!

  13. Congratulations on the new release and excellent reviews. And please enter me in your contest. (How could I resist trying for such an awesome assortment of swag?)

  14. Thank you to everyone! I appreciate all the kind messages!

    Thanks, Kevin! Soon it will be your turn!!! 😉

    Elie: I know, right?? Wanna bellydance with us???

    Sophie: LOL I sometimes feel like a meerkat. I think it's the belly. Her name is Guadeloupe, and I love her. And you already DO kick ass, but let's kick it even harder, no? I can't wait to see you at RT! And I'm totally doing Bouchercon this year. Should I join MWA?

    Hi Zita! Thanks! I like the hair, too. It took me a little while to become a "short haired girl," but now I love it. And yes, I like my new school VERY much, although I won't totally be settled till I get my pirate flag up! 😉

    Hi Melissa! We should have coffee sometime. I'm planning a less chaotic semester this semester!

    Mariachiara: Thank you so much for the Italian links! I LOVE the Italian title. And that was me who commented, btw. 😉 I think the Italian translation will be great, the translator has been in touch a number of times with questions and she seems awesome. And I can't wait to see the Italian covers!

  15. I read your trilogy over my vacation, starting with book #1 in Colorado, book #2 in California, and the just-released book #3 in Hawaii! I love it so far. You have a very original character, and I like the mythology you've created.

    BTW, I discovered your series by reading the "Extras" in another book series by your publisher. I had bought that /other/ book as reading material on the the first leg of my journey and was sadly disappointed at what had been a promising story. The "Tempest Rising" preview was the saving grace in that book purchase and I'm happy to have found you. Can't wait for the next book – I hope you've been enjoying writing it!

  16. Ohhh Fantastic Contest!

    I have been waiting for Legacy!

    Happy belated book birthday! Squee!

    +1 Facebook (requested under Teri Hack)

    +1 comment


    I cannot wait!

  17. The previous Jane Books have been amazing to read! I cannot wait or Legacy!

    Happy late book birthday!

    =1 I comment 😉

  18. I am new to the series but absolutely love it. I have read the first two and am about to begin on the third. What can I say? Jane rocks, true that! Lol

    Looking forward to more books, have a great year.


  19. Would love to read these books! The Jane series has been on my "to be read" list for a while now

  20. Obviously I MUST read your books! They sound great!

    I added you as a friend on Facebook +1

    AND I've posted this comment. +1

    Total +2

  21. I've seen these around, but wasn't sure what they were about, so I looked them up and am now mad at myself for not getting ahold of these sooner. Everything I looked up said they were amazing and now I HAVE to get these 🙂

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  22. Nice Contest I follow you on Twitter Will like you on FB..And excited to read Tempests Legacy Oh And Congrats on Becoming Dr.Peeler and EnJoy your "Holiday Abroad"And The Tempest Series is on My Blog..Susan…

  23. Thanks for the wonderful contest Nicole and I loved watching the vlog!

    Facebook follower/Jeanette J +1

    Comment +2


  24. Hi there! I'm new to your books, I just picked up this series and can't wait to have a read-a-thon!! They sound so good!! +1

  25. Oh Yes!

    Happy book Belated Birthday. Legacy looks amazing! I have total cover love on all of this series, and the characters are just amazing to read!

    Thank you for putting such great prizes out there.

    kasuranna at yahoo dot com

  26. +1 comment

    +1 facebook/ Teri Hack

    I cannot wait to get a copy (xmas wiped me out) SO I would love this.

    this series is really something. There are great characters, great dialog, great COVERS! Oh Thank you for writing these awesome books.

    terilhack at gmail dot com

  27. Yay! Congrats Nicole, and no worries, you have every reason to feel giddy and happy 😀

    I received the first 2 books for Christmas, and I can't wait to finally get to them after all the praise and amazing tidbits my friends told me about Jane's stories 😀

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    in total: 7 entries

    Thank you for the great cgiveaway and the funny vlog :-))

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Congrats on your release! I wish I could help you make PA home but I'm on the other side of the state. I live about 20 mins from the King of Prussia mall. I remember you tweeting about going there when you were in Lancaster for a signing. I really have to drag myself out there one of these times, I know I'm a slacker!

    Good luck on all your goals for the year!

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