Jane Rides Again! And a Contest Weiner!

So with everything that’s been happening here at Casa Peeler, it’s like I’ve forgotten one rather important detail…

I’m releasing a book January First!

That said, I’m already getting confirmed reports of people spotting Legacy in the wild. With the holiday season, everything is shipping early, and people want to empty their store rooms. So what a fabulous gift…you can buy the first three books of the Jane True series for all your loved ones! Children adore it, and you won’t have to have that pesky “birds and bees” conversation… just let Jane do it for you! As for pets, they like to chew it up, and the elderly can use it as a pillow.

Or you can read it to see if Jane and that damned barghest FINALLY get around to doing it…..

But if you’re all, “My eyes are tired from wrapping packages,” or “I have developed carpal tunnel from Extreme Dreideling and can no longer hold a book,” have no fear! For all THREE Jane True’s will be out in audiobook by January Third. And let me tell you, they rock.  You have NO IDEA how nervous I was when I found out they were going to be made into audiobooks. I love audibooks, but have listened to some torturous ones in my day. Kate Reinders, however, does an excellent job as Jane. She never overacts and she gets the character. You can tell she’s having fun saying the lines, and she really delivers them just as Jane would. Sometimes, she gives a line more humor than I think it originally held. In short, she rocks!

But what if you’re unsure of whether even to BUY Legacy? What if you’re all, “And who the hell are you, telling me what to buy with my Christmas gift cards? HUH?” Here’s what some other people had to say about Legacy:

Romantic Times gave it 4 1/2 stars AND made it a Top Pick!

Publisher’s Weekly says, “Jane is sure to endear herself to new readers with her charm, sass, and vulnerability, while longtime fans will be thrilled by her magical and emotional growth.”

And as for the Blogosphere, they have been rather loud about this one!



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And some other cool lists on which I’ve spotted Jane are Women24’s Top Five Supernatural Series and The Barnes and Noble Book Club’s Top Paranormals of 2010.

In other personally edifying news, I just discovered I have a Wikipedia entry. This makes me stupidly excited, for some reason. Probably because I spend a significant portion of my existence reminding freshmen not to cite from this site.

I also have a blog post and contest running for Wicked Little Pixie’s Thirteen Wicked Days of Christmas, and a contest below (on my site!) that offers an audiobook if you buy Amanda Feral’s “Stocking Full of Coal.”

But speaking of contests, you say, what about YOUR contest for an audiobook of Tempest Rising?Well, the contest can has spoken!

According to the draw, the weiner of either an MP3 CD or a CD of Tempest Rising is Micaella! YAY Micaella!

BUT, because this is my site and I make all the rules, I will ALSO give either an MP3 CD or a CD of TR to Mary Wright. Why? Because she quoted Donne. And because I can. I love Donne!

So if Micaella and Mary will email me at iheartselkies (at) gmail (dot) com, I will send off your prize! Remember to specify whether you want the MP3 CD or the regular CD’s. Realistically, as I’m going home for the holidays today (Sunday the 18th) you will not be getting your prize till after the New Year. But as soon as I come back, I’ll ship it off!

Wish me luck, meanwhile, on the long drive home. I’m so excited to be back in Chicago! I love my new job, but I’m terribly lonely, and it will be so good to have a social life again, if just for a few weeks.

So see you soon and enjoy your holidays! And let me know if you spy Legacy! 😉

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18 thoughts on “Jane Rides Again! And a Contest Weiner!”

  1. Congratualations Micaella and Mary! Nicole Tempest Rising was the 1st book read in 2010, and I am choosing Legacy to be the 1st book of 2011.

  2. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so friggin excited!!!!! WWOOOppp WOOopp!! There were so many awesome entries!!! I am so happy I won!!!! :: Happy Dance::!!!!!!

  3. I'm so excited you liked my reviews! *big grin* Thanks for the link, when I saw it I think I kinda screamed (a testament to my true nerdom). Your books rock and I have all sorts of dirty dreaming going on involving Anyan as well…and possibly Iris (my poor husband, LOL!). Go Jane True (I'm on your libido's side!).


    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

  4. @NicolePeeler It's actually unbelievable how much I love Jane and the gang. For sure, one of my top 5 favourite series.

  5. Hey Nicole! You are releasing a book very very soon! ;D

    I'm going to have to make a trip to the mall to check it out and see if they have it early. The did with the last book. Thanks for letting us know, will definitely keep my eyes open. 🙂

  6. Hi Nicole,

    Vikki from Philly here and I just got my copy today at Borders located at Broad & Chestnut Streets. Any local viewers if you haven't pre-ordered Borders has them in stock. YEAH!

    I'm going to set the mood right, take care of dinner & child, load dishwasher, turn phone off, grab a bottle of Moscato and pimp Jane for the rest of the night:)

  7. I just love your books, and was so happy to find book 3 at Borders today. I'm already half way through it! Great job! Looking forward to book 4 so much!

  8. Found it at Borders today! In Puerto Rico!!! I couldn't believe it when I found it. And since in Puerto Rico Christmas lasts until the third week of January (no other country on the planet celebrates Christmas for so long) Merry Christmas! Hahahaha or as we say in Spanish, jajajajaja.

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