Git Yer Updates Here!

Lots of updates today, folks!

Probably my most exciting news is that Eye of the Tempest has its release date! My fourth book (eep!) will be coming out August 1, 2011. The cover is almost ready to be shared, and, again, I’m really happy. It’s super fun! Everything should be up on Amazon, shortly.

In other news that makes me incredibly proud and happy, my mentee, Lauren Stone, has just signed with my very own agent. I loved Lauren’s project, and was thrilled to pass her work to Rebecca (my agent), and even more thrilled when Rebecca also thought it was something special. You can read Lauren’s own take on her signing with her new agent, here.

I’ve also just announced a new signing in November, in Lancaster, PA. You can read about it on my appearances page. And don’t forget that in October I’ll be at Borderlands, in San Francisco, for LitCrawl!

For those of you interested in my newest new role as a creative writing professor, I’ve done an interview with Creative Writing Now, here.

In final Me! Me! Me! news, I’ve set up a Formspring account. This is a place people can ask me questions, and both the questions and answers will become part of this website’s FAQ. So ask me some questions, here, and I’ll be sure to answer them.

And now I switch the spotlight, only to use the distraction to doff my PIMP HAND. This week we saw many new releases, and I’m very excited to tell you about some of them!

First of all, one of my absolute favorite people, Carolyn Crane, saw the release of her second Disillusionist book, Double Cross:

I adored the first book, and can’t wait to read the second! If you’re intrigued, Carolyn made her own AWESOME book trailer for the second novel. I often hate book trailers, but I thought this one was so clever and awesome. It’s located here, and there’s also some other fun, book related things on her YouTube sight.

Another exciting release is Jeremy Lewis’s Revamped, now in mass market!

My old buddy from Shreveport, Rachel Vincent, has number six in her Shifters series, Alpha, out. This series has been on my TBR list forever, and everyone raves out about it. Can’t wait to dig in!

And last, but certainly not least, is Cherie Priest’s latest steampunk, Dreadnought:

Boneshaker’s cover was gorgeous, and I think this one is even cooler. Congrats, Cherie, and to all the other authors with Book Birthdays this week. Huzzah!

OH, I almost forgot! And speaking of Huzzahs, CONGRATS TO DAKOTA AND ROB! Love you guys! YAY FOR GETTING HITCHED!

See y’all back at the Emporium shortly! In the meantime, ask me some questions! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Git Yer Updates Here!”

  1. Thanks SO MUCh Nicole, for this fine caress of the pimp hand. *squeals and wriggles in delight*

    Okay, enough of that. HEY! Congratulations on EYE!! Oh, wow, I cannot wait to see the cover. And, READ IT! And huge congrats to Lauren Stone!! Got my eye out for you Lauren!

  2. My wife and I are looking forward to meeting you in Lancaster in November. Congrats on book four.

  3. Thanks Carolyn! And Lauren's MS rocks! And you know you can always have the pimp hand when you want it, girl!

    Merriell: That great! Glad to hear there will be people attending. 😉 It's my first solo signing!

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