A Little Publisher’s Weekly Lovin’

Things in the UK are great for me; not so great for Ruth. She had to have an emergency appendectomy yesterday. Naughty, naughty appendix! But she’s coming home tomorrow, at which point I will blog with her AMAZING pictures of Brighton (pre-burst appendix).

Today I met with Orbit UK and it was fabulous. They were a great bunch, and are very excited to launch Jane True here in Britain. They tweaked the covers a bit, and you can see the finished product on Amazon.co.uk.

And when I got home, I discovered that Publisher’s Weekly (a very important trade source) reviewed Tracking the Tempest, here. The didn’t review TR, so it was exciting they picked up Tracking. And the review is stellar! Yay!

Here’s my favorite bit: “Peeler’s chick lit tone adds sparkle to the most spine-tingling scenes with a style that never strikes a false note, and the seamless plot weaves together Jane’s paranormal and personal growth while linking both to the swelling suspense.”

Mmmm. Swelling. 😉

I’ll travelogue for serious once Rootie’s back, and give everyone more details about the meeting with Orbit UK, etc. So keep comin’ back y’all!

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8 thoughts on “A Little Publisher’s Weekly Lovin’”

  1. Anon:

    Apparently, the UK marketing team thought that darker covers would sell better to a UK audience. America's apparently more "used" to bright colors in our adverts, etc. I've learned so much about how much effort goes into making a book, behind the scenes, it's been really interesting!

  2. I'm glad they didn't change the style too much. I like how they look.

    Does that mean that a kindle version will be available for Europeans as well?

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