4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex . . . Again”

  1. I think that is one of the many reasons why I'm enjoying Jane's adventure. I like a little bit of sex in a book, but I don't want a lot of romance. I've been turned off by several UF novels because there was too much romance. I think you include just the right amount of sex and I'm really enjoying your work.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Joyce! And I agree! I'm so tired of characters having to be in love to have sex. So much pressure! LOL What happened to good, old fashioned lust?

  3. Dear Nicole,

    I just read Tempest Rising in 4 days- it rocked! I stole your book from my husband who was reading it at the time. Sorry Babe- I did not put that in the vows! I love your comments tying Jane to comon experiences like Star Trek and Converse. I could go on and on about your writing… but about the sex. I love that your writing about sex leaves just enough detail to the imagination. If I'm reading along and I stumble across a 'Purple helmited love warrior' or something else obscenely hysterical it just pulls me right out of the moment. You have no cutesy or wierd nicknames for any body parts which is just plain nice. I also like the sensual build of the moment- describing the fabrics and clothes in a way that gives sensory details without describing too much, like a detective novel. I agree about the lust thing. Many characers are pulled into relationships too quickly to be believable. Here's to a good 'Just Cuz' scromping! I hope to comment more in praise of Jane True later, but for now- keep up the great work! Thanks for a great read!

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