Seriously! Like, THE Anya Bast! The real one! Not the one who lives in Montana who has no clue why people keep telling her to write more books. The REAL Anya Bast!

And she read Tempest Rising! And LIKED IT! Anya writes that, “Peeler has made my auto-buy list with this fast-paced, sexy read and I can’t wait to see where she takes things from here.” Yay! You can read the whole review (and check out Anya’s generally very cool blog) here. For those of you who haven’t read her books (like, the three of you) they are WONDERFUL. So hot! So very hot!

In the meantime, I have also learned to speak fluent German. I did that last week between grading research papers and making my (Yankee! *glares*) stuffing. You can see just how fluent I am, here. The ladies who conducted this interview were LOVELY, and I think I sound very, um, Germanic when I speak German. Thanks for the interest, Germany!

I have also been lucky enough to be chosen for the December Barnes and Noble Book Club, as one of their Paranormal choices. And yes, please do insert “We always knew you weren’t NORMAL, Nicole,” jokes, here. But to thank B&N and the readers on their forum, I’m joined up and am contributing to the discussion! So please come on over to and partake of the shenanigans.

Finally, don’t forget the contest to win BOTH Tempest Rising and Soulless are going strong! Gail’s novel is one of my favorite reads in a long time, and I can’t praise it enough. It’s so fun, so smart, and such a pleasure to read. And you can see Jane and Alexia go head to head, right down below.

OH, and for those of you keeping score, I just sent Tracking the Tempest’s checked copyedits back to NYC. I know it seems like it’s far away, but, believe me, July will be here before we know it! And today is also my LAST DAY OF TEACHING this semester. And I’ve been grading like a Machine of Grading Creating Just to Grade, so that I can pound out the last 100 or so pages of Legacy in the next few weeks. That’s not as hard as it sounds, as I’m a plotter, and the plot for these next chapters is pretty iron clad. So yay! More books! And BREAK FOR THE HOLIDAY!  Woooo hooooo!

For my holiday, I’m going home to the Chicago area to be a hermit, interlaced with some intense partying in the city. 😉 It’s how I roll. Hermit! Intense socializing! Hermit! Intense socializing!

Anyway, are ya’ll doing anything exciting for your holiday?

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3 thoughts on “Anya Bast KNOWS WHO I AM!”

  1. Sounds like some ruckus headed to the Windy City!!! We, pups included, have family time schedule!!!

  2. Awesome on all the cool news. I FINALLY got my copy of Tempest and finished it. I was staying away from all spoilers and it was killing me. Now I can find and reread interviews. July, huh? Geesh. Dang, I'll just have to reread Tempest in a couple months for my Jane and Ryu fix:)

  3. I must say that after receiving my copy of Tempest that I can NOT put it down. I will be finishing it tonight and anxiously awaiting the next book in *sigh* July. 7 months will go by quickly….right?!

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