Wars in Heaven, Sasquatch, and Yahoo!!!!

First of all, I would like to send huge thanks to Thom Marrion, who is AWESOME. He’s the one who made that gorgeous picture of the selkie girl reading Tempest Rising. And this time, he’s found Jane in the hands of her perfect man: large, hairy, and big-footed in such a way a girl just has to wonder . . .


It’s Sasquatch! And he’s got his hairy mitts on Jane. I think she loves it, don’t you?

Next Thom turned his talents towards a picture of Jaye Wells and me from the Shreveport Smackdown:

War_in_Heaven copy

For those of you (like anybody who knows me in real life) who is all, “Ummm . . . angels? Really? Nikki?” have no fear.

We are supposed to be the Archangel Michael and Lucifer, and from the positioning (me getting my ass kicked), I’m assuming I’m Lucifer. Which makes PERFECT SENSE. So all of you who were like, “WTF?” can calm down now.

The wings will soon be stripped and the horns implanted. As they should be.

In OTHER EXCITING NEWS, Mark Henry got rather irate on Twitter about people hijacking his yahoo group to talk about Tempest Rising. In response, the ever-lovely @QQwill said, “Well, then, fine. I’ll make Nicole her OWN page.” So now, all eight of my fans can use yahoo groups to talk about how much they love me, my books, and everything Nicole. Granted, this will consist of probably about 5 posts (four of which will be prompts, from me, begging people to talk about how much they love me, my books, and everything Nicole). This scenario will undoubtedly be very amusing to anyone who enjoys watching me make an ass of myself, which seems to be everyone I know and love. 🙂 Ya’ll are lucky I’m always happy to oblige.

If you want to see me shamelessly begging for attention, you can join my yahoo group here:


That said, I totally can’t work technology, so go ahead and be as snarky as you want. I will probably figure out how actually to enter the group and read your posts in about a month. So you’ve got a good four weeks to say crazy shit before I come in and bust heads (read: cry).

If you’re someone new to my site who’s all, “I saw this hot purple book but want to know whether or not it’s shite?” go check out my updated Tempest Rising page. It’s got all the reviews I could find plus some new author quotes.

I gotta admit, a few people DO think it’s fairly shite, but most people seem to enjoy it. Some of them even like it quite a bit.

And thanks to all of you who do. 🙂

Finally, my fellow Leaguer and soon-to-be-debut-novelist, Kelly Meding, is serializing two of her short stories over the next week and a half to promote the release of THREE DAYS TO DEAD. Fun!

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8 thoughts on “Wars in Heaven, Sasquatch, and Yahoo!!!!”

  1. @NicolePeeler A bit late, but I'm sure you naked is awesome. It's nudity in general that's alarming. And shouldn't be! Naked FTW!

  2. @sarahevekelly @NicolePeeler indeed. Naked FTW! (I don't know what this is about, but that statement requires enthusiastic agreement.)

  3. Those are some awesome pictures, but I would think that Jane would dig a guy more with scales. All of that fur will not look so good after he gets out of the water. 🙂

    Thanks!!! My copy of Tempest Rising from the RomCon contest arrived today. 🙂 I'm really interested to know how you, or Sharon, came up with he heart design with the teeth. Oh, and that would be an sweet tattoo. Get it!!! I have a tattoo on my ankle, and I love it.

  4. As your newly appointed Canadian Stalker, I want to a) thank you for posting my link on that TR page 😉 and b) let you and everyone else know how much I love this book and have already told told people I know who read UF to GO BUY IT NOW! These are people I normally exchange books with, but I want them to have their very own copies. 😉

    I let them know it is refreshingly original and not just the same ol' vamp-were-gorgeousButPlain girl story.

  5. Ha! I had to go back and search for Mark's snarky twittering just to see what he said! (We did kind of hijack the glamazombies about Tempest Rising for a little while…) 🙂

    (And really, TR has gotten bad reviews? Who are those people, and why do they have no taste?)

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