Tart Talk with Alexia and Jane (Vol.1): Tempest in a Teapot

Today you are party to a conversation between Jane True, star of Nicole Peeler’s Tempest Rising, and Alexia Tarabotti, star of Gail Carriger’s Soulless. Because Jane’s very new to the publishing world, and her author is a bit distracted with finals, the good people at Orbit Books thought it a good idea if Alexia mentored Jane on the finer points of being an urban fantasy heroine.

This is their first meeting, and Jane is very nervous. She looks up to Alexia terribly, you see. And we all know what happens when Jane gets nervous. . .

Jane: Hi Alexia! Thanks for agreeing to speak with me. I know you’ve been super busy, and all. First off, can you tell me a bit about your world? I loved your book and I want to hear about it straight from you.

Alexia: That’s very direct, my dear. Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves? Then, perhaps, you can offer me tea. Then some social pleasantries, and after a short spate of time and familiarity we can discuss more indelicate matters.

Jane: Ummmm . . . tea? Sorry . . . we’re more coffee drinks around here. How about coffee?

Alexia: Goodness gracious, are you Italian? You don’t look Italian, and I should know. Thank you kindly but I hear coffee is very bad for the constitution.

Jane: Um, sure. Right. I’ll get tea for next time . . . In the meantime, no soul? Really?

Alexia: And how did you find about that, young lady? I thought the Bureau of Unnatural Registry had classified my preternatural status on a need to know basis. Do you have contacts in the British government? Well, I am under the impression, if you are aware of my soulless state that perhaps you should reveal a big dark secret to me. I’ve heard, although I hardly can believe it is true (true, oh dear, how droll) that you have some kind of mixed seal transformation capacity. I should never have believed such a thing possible. Is it like being a werewolf? What’s the scientific basis for this body dimorphic dual form skill? And why a seal, it’s not very, well, threatening, now is it?

Jane: Dude, you do know we share the same editor, right? So, like, I just asked her for your book and she gave it to me . . . so no need to go through your Bureau of Unnatural Acts with Sheep, or whatever you call it. And, my mom is the shape shifter. I’m just a halfling . . . but seals are totally tough! Have you seen one clap? Well they can crack a walnut between those flippers . . . think what they could do to a human skull! If it’s been weakened in some capacity, first . . .*shifts uncomfortably* Okay, let’s start over. Umm . . . can you tell me what’s up with all the underwear?

Alexia: *sputters* Pardon? WHAT did you just ask? I shall entirely ignore that question, as it quite rightly deserves.

Jane: *shrugs* It’s just that you’re wearing a LOT of underwear. I mean, how do you pee?

Alexia: *silence*

Jane: Ohhh-kay . . . um . . . tea? Only tea? Really?

Alexia: You can think of a better beverage? I highly doubt it. Have you ever had a really well prepared cup of tea? You’ll forgive me if I suspect your dietary preferences, you are, after all, an American.

Jane: If, by “American,” you mean a preference for something other than jellied eels and fried Mars bars, than yes. I have American tastes. And speaking of tastes: Lord Macon. Hot. What is it about were-puppies that really get our petticoats in a twist?

Alexia: Hot? What is the implication of the term? Are we discussing the same Lord Maccon of my acquaintance? He is a loud, uncouth Scotsman, that is what he is. I fail to see the appeal, and I resent the implication.

Jane: *narrows her eyes, contemplating Alexia. Suddenly she smiles* Ohhhhh, I get it. You “resent” his “implication.” Yeah, you’re totally not into him. Right. Let me guess . . . you just love him for his doggy style? *snickers*

Alexia: Pardon?

Jane: Come on, Allie! Werewolf? Doggy style? You HAVE to make lots of “doggy style” jokes? How could you resist?

Alexia: I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, Miss True. Are you quite certain you are still speaking the English language?

Jane: Okay, I get it, I get it! You’re at that stage where you aren’t comfortable talking about how you’re humping that puppy right back. It’s fine. But can I just ask you . . . how does Lord Maccon feel about “doggy style” jokes?

Alexia: I am beginning to suspect, young lady, that you are a rather impossible person. Have you met my friend, Lord Akeldama? I think you two would get along famously.

Jane: Dude, hook us up! I loved his . . . are those called codpieces? Whatever, they were saucy! In the mean time, I can hook you up with . . . um . . . how you do you feel about Snoop Dogg? *giggles*

Alexia: We are back to this language barrier, I’m afraid. Is it because you are American, or do you ordinarily slip into a foreign tongue without warning?

Jane: Slipping the foreign tongue! I get it! You’re so crazy! Oh, and that parasol rocks. Where can I get one?


Alexia: You’re a very forthright young woman, aren’t you, Miss True? Yes, well, I believe I will soon be introduced to the source of all things parasol. Perhaps, I could send you a missive on the subject at a more apropos time? Not to be too déclassé but, given your current – how do I put this? – limited mode of dress, you may not have the necessary funds to afford such an Item. I do not mean any insult by this but, really, my dear, you appear to be wearing rather limited masculine attire. It’s very odd. I can only suppose it is out of desperation, for which you are, of course, to be pitied.

Jane: *blinks down at herself* Oh, crap! There’s a hole in my jeans! And they’re not even that old. *sighs* Girl, I carry all my weight in my thighs, and seriously, I could start a fire with the chafing. That’s why I never wear corduroy. Talk about kindling! Not like you . . . your skirts would put that shit out before you even started smoking. Seriously, what’s up with all the underwear?

Alexia: Oh for goodness sake, next time we meet, I get to ask the questions.

Jane and Alexia will continue their discussions about tea, proper underclothing, and whether all werewolves need to be greeted with obligatory “doggy style” jokes in further posts on www.orbitbooks.net.

In the meantime, if you’d like to win a copy of BOTH Soulless and Tempest Rising, please answer the following question in comments:

Tea? Or coffee?

A random winner will be drawn from the Contest Can on Monday, December 7th. Thanks for playing!

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69 thoughts on “Tart Talk with Alexia and Jane (Vol.1): Tempest in a Teapot”

  1. Great interview.

    Hmm the answer to your question, I would have to say coffee.

    Though I prefer iced coffee from Starbucks 🙂

  2. Tea of course…. as any proper British Lady would drink.

    Thank you.

    Nora-Adrienne Deret

  3. Tea. Coffee(wrinkles nose) smells bad and leaves horrible breath. We don't even own a coffee maker. Just a teapot or two.

    If I won, I would donate my copy of Tempest to my local library since I already have a copy!

  4. Tea; for the more refined palate. And a true English one, at that.

    The only time I have consumed to poor substitute of coffee was when under the influence of alcohol.

  5. Just to drink throughout the day I would pick tea, but I would say coffee if I'm eating breakfast or anything sweet.

  6. Funny fantastic interview. I drink two cups of coffee in the morning, and then throughout the day tea.

  7. I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee, so coffee is my answer!

    And I'm in total agreement with Zita, I consume coffee for caffeine and usually tea to relax, as most is caffeine free. I enjoy a nice cup of Sleepytime Tea in the evening, especially if I'm not feeling well.

    I <3 both of these books! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome responses, guys!

    And thanks to those who got in touch with me regarding the contest date. It ends DECEMBER 7th, obviously. I apparently believe I can go back in time. *flakes*

    Thanks for the heads up, everyone!

  9. Tea. An absolute must. Preferably a Russia black with an infusion of roses (not rosehip, but roses). Or an Egyptian licorice. If going with an Irish breakfast, sugared and creamed. If iced, then a black pekoe mixed with a touch of green tea is excellent.

    Coffee? Only as a last resort. Or if I'm so tired my eyes refuse to open on their own. Thankfully, that rarely happens. I can usually get them open enough to see…

    Can't wait to read Tempest! It's all I hear about! That and Soulless!!

  10. For me its alway iced sweet tea. Coffee is awful. I've never aquired the taste. If I have to dring it I want a little coffee witha my cream and sugar lol.

  11. I must be a true American. I love coffee (and breath mints if I am going somewhere). I drink tea, but only if I am sick.

  12. Either/or… Depends on my mood. I really do love both, hot or iced, and drink both every day. My one steadfast rule is that the day must begin with coffee.

  13. Hi 🙂

    Thank you VERY much for the excellent post. I really enjoy characters interacting like that. It's like an easter egg on a DVD except for books.


    I choose tea. I love the smell of coffee, but the taste… shudder.


    Thank you again,

    Love & Best Wishes,



  14. Um, how about Hot Chocolate? I never aquired a taste for either coffee or tea, I just have to take a shower to wake up in the morning – that's all I get, but it seems to work for me.

  15. Well, I do enjoy a well made Vanilla Soy Latte occasionally…nothing hits the spot than a double shot of espresso to jolt you awake. On the other hand, during cold winter evenings, a cup of hot Vanilla tea with honey is such a comfort drink for me. So my answer to your question would be…why choose? I love both!

  16. Tea, hands down. Even if someone doesn't think they like tea, there IS a kind out there that they will enjoy. If you don't enjoy coffee, however, it still tastes like coffee.

    Also, green tea with ginger, coconut, and vanilla? Probably has magical healing properties.

  17. I like both. But tea is best when properly steeped, oh and it should be loose tea. None of that bag business. 🙂 But I like my coffee black with a little sweetener. Well, that's my story. I am a walking contradiction.

  18. Coffee smells wonderful but the taste? Blech!

    Hot tea, please, preferably something with peppermint in it.

    I'd pass them both over for a Diet Coke though!

  19. You guys are all fancy! I love the Diet Coke response, too. That's my mom's breakfast of choice: a diet coke and a cookie. 🙂

  20. Great post!

    Coffee or tea?

    – I don't really drink either, never had coffee in my life haha. I only drink soda and jucies :]

    thanks for the giveaway!

  21. coffee! at least you could have lots more variations: there's lattes, decaf, frappuccinos, served hot and cold and you could dictate how many shots you need just to wake up!

  22. Tea please! Can't abide coffee, although it does smell nice.

    Have to admit that the title of this post made me do a double-take. How on earth did I miss a heroine with my name??? Awesome!

    Great interview! Jane rocks! 😀

  23. Tea if its a proper English cuppa with a little milk. Or Earl Grey if there's no milk.

    The herbal stuff is technically an infusion and I'd always prefer coffee.

  24. Are those my only options? I don't drink either. Hmmm. I'm screwed. I love the smell of coffee.

    Close enough–COFFEE. At least I can smell it LOL 🙂

  25. Well, I'm from the South so I love sweet tea, but I have to have a cup of coffee every day if I'm going to function. So Coffee wins!!

  26. What a fun interview. so hilarious. I really want these two books. As for the question…I don't know! I don't really drink either, but I guess coffee if I had to say.

  27. Tea? Or coffee? — NEITHER!!! I've tried to drink coffee, I really have. And I can't get more than a sip in before spitting it back out. As for tea, it makes me nauseous. Reminds me of my wisdom teeth being removed (seriously, did you know tea is supposed to clot blood? And that it's a bad I idea to attempt this w/ caffeinated tea?)

    What a fun discussion. =) And the cover for Souless is great!

  28. Hello, what a great, fun discussion and both of your books sound great. I have both of them sitting in my cart at Amazon.com to order them, but will hold off until Monday just in case I am lucky enough to win.

    I love both coffee and tea, but I drink more coffee. Dare I say Doggy Style? lol

    Wishing you well and can't wait to read of these books one way or the other.


  29. I think I should die if at first every morn, I did not have my beautiful, delicious coffee. And No, not Italian at all. Although, I could be Italian. I'll try really hard if I ever get the chance. I loved this interview. It was adorable. I wish authors would do this more often.

  30. I like both coffee and tea, but my comfort drink is strong black tea (loose leaf Lipton, bought at an Indian market) with a little bit of whole (not that low-fat stuff!) milk.

    I really enjoyed the interview! I've had Tempest Rising on my To be Bought list, and recently finished (and LOVED) Soulless. What a fun introduction to Jane!

  31. I can't really say, but I mostly drink tea. I've never really given Coffee a fair chance though, and I really do love it's smells!

  32. Tea, absolutely! Used to only be coffee but after I had Harrods #14 blend tea, no other breakfast tea or coffee would do.

    P.S. Read Tempest Rising last week in one day. It was great! My house was a mess though…

  33. Tea of course! Constant Comment prefered or Earl Grey. It is a must in the mornings and for afternoon tea.

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