6 thoughts on “Come Meet Ryu!”

  1. I would love to meet Ryu. The picture on the link is really hot and pretty much how I pictured him to look except with a less pointy chin.

  2. Heather C: Yup! Shenanigans! Shhhhenanigans!! 😉

    Amber: Cherry found a GREAT picture. I have somebody a little more Johnny Deppish in mind, but that's a very good option. Not perfect . . . I might kick him out of bed for Saltine's. But not for Ritz. LOL

    (that's an example of a little something I call flu medicine humor)

  3. Amber: He could eat anything up to (and possibly including) another woman in bed and would still keep his place. LOL

    I've loved JD since he was Tommy Hanson on 21 Jump Street. Granted, I briefly (and regrettably) aligned my heart with Richard Grieco's for a short time . . . but I was seven, and, as the government says, "Mistakes were made." LOL

  4. LOL. That show's a bit before my time but I have no doubt that he was as good looking then as he is now… Okay maybe he looks better now? I will have to go look up pics and see. 😀 As for Richard Grieco… I'm sorry.

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