I am a LIAR

I totally have pictures from Dragon*Con. I forget I have a magic phone that records pictures (and eats souls).

So here’s a random samplings of slightly grainy phone pictures. Yay!

First of all, here are Kelly Meding and me with Dark Helmet. Love me some Spaceballs.


Here are Mark Henry, Jackie Kessler, and Heather Brewer being Very Astute Panelists. Look at the concentration on their faces!


This picture is for everybody at the League of Reluctant Adults, but especially for Jaye Wells. She’s the one who feeds and waters the chupacabre, after all:


And speaking of Ms. Jaye Wells, I have a challenge for her! For those of you that follow Jaye on Twitter, you’ve seen her wearing THE GUN BRA. Well, MOVE OVER GUN BRA. Make way for . . .



This young lady’s bra would kick the gun bra’s ass. And she’d kick my ass, most probably. She looks scrappy!

But I, too, have my moments. Check out these eyelashes!


They were very, very heavy. And it was like wearing a feather cage over my vision. But it made blinking a bizarrely sensual experience.

And, finally, here was my brush with celebrity. Spike, from Buffy. Or, as he will forever be engrained in my fantasies, the guy who makes out with Jack in Torchwood. Fuck me, that was HOT. *purrs*


Yes, it’s James Marsters. He was very short, in real life. And really, really tan. I don’t mean really tan for a vampire, I mean really tan for anybody. Ever. Tan. Tan. Tan.

*picturing him making out with Jack till it all gets better* Mmmm. Torchwood.

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