Things I Like II

So I did a little blogging on Things I Like over at the League the other day. And since then all I can think about is …

Other Things I Like.

Two bands, in particular, have been giving me the gimlet eye, saying, “Really, you didn’t choose us? Fickle bitch!” And they are right! I am fickle! And a bit of a bitch. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize my flaws! And I apologize.

The first band who can’t believe it didn’t get a shout out is White Rabbits. I love the whole album, but the song Percussion Gun makes me physically rock out whenever I hear it. Which is embarrassing for everyone involved. Here’s the video:

The other band that gave me the stank eyes is Ra Ra Riot. Cellos! Nerds! Cellos! I heart them.

Another Thing I Like very, very much is a cook. I like her so much that she actually makes me drool when she comes to me in the gym. And by comes to me, I mean when she’s on TV there. It’s cruel and unusual torture to be watching her from a treadmill, but it’s an exquisite torture. Her name is Ina Garten.

And I love her.

I love everything about her. I love that she’s adorable. I love that she has this fabulous life replete with an equally adorable husband, an outrageously nice home, and an ARMY of gorgeous gay men who come and do crafty things for her. I love that she makes recipes like this. Please watch it. I start drooling the second I hear her voice. She has created a Pavlovian response in me. I hear her, I salivate, and I know she’s going to do something amazing involving butter, maybe eggs, and a pinch of heaven.

Another thing that people who know me find, well, fascinating (okay, probably a little irritating) is my obsession with Fascinators.

What’s a fascinator, you ask?

A fascinator is a big ass hair decoration, like the thing I’m sporting here:

Photo 15

And here:

Photo 16

I wear them a lot. Not normally on the front of my head; that was only for optimal showing off of the fascinators. But I do wear them a lot around town. I have big ones…. small ones…. A lot of mine have skulls involved. They’re FASCINATORS. And they’re a Thing I Like.

The final Thing I Like is Friedrich Nietzsche. I know it’s a bit weird to summarize my relationship with a German philosopher who declared the death of God as to call him, merely, a Thing I Like. But I do! I really like Nietzsche.

I love him, firstly, for his outrageous mustache:

And I love him because he investigates why we think we believe what we think we believe. He tells us that we don’t always believe good things for good reasons, and that “goodness” can be a will to power that seeks to enslave others in a web of deceit coated in the sticky film of moral rectitude. So he warns of all sorts of dire things that we may fall victim to in our world of sound bites and easy redemption. But he also says things like this, that warm the cockles of my heart:

And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

So he’s not all doom and gloom, that Nietzsche. And he’s a Thing I Like.

7 thoughts on “Things I Like II”

  1. I'm torn on Nietzsche. I've always loved what he had to say, on a huge number of different topics, but I have always hated the way he actually said it. Perhaps they were bad translations.

  2. Do you mean how it is always very bombastic and over dramatic? I think that's actually how he wrote. And I LOVE it. I totally get why it puts people off, but I LOVE it. I can imagine him at dinner parties, pronouncing on how the servants folded the napkins, and I giggle.

  3. I love the Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten, not the film), too! I always wonder if she really has bare feet while she's cooking so effortlessly.

    I like that Nietzsche is such a transitional figure. He sort of divided time…like the Jesus figure…who also declared God is dead…so-to-speak.

  4. No I DIDN'T! How COOL is that???? I knew she'd worked in Washington, but I had no idea her job description. You've just made her EVEN MORE AWESOME to me. I didn't think that was possible. Thanks!

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