Yeah, I’m still revising. The same book I was revising before.

Basically, I fixed everything my editor wanted me to fix, and in doing so I uncovered everything else that also needed to be fixed, but that had been slightly camouflaged by the suckitude of the initial things that needed to be fixed.

Say what?

Yeah, that’s about where I’m at with language these days.

Anyway, I’m ALMOST DONE. I got a wee bit stuck in a little chunk about 2/3 of the way through, but now I’ve cracked the outline for it and I think it’s going to be good. So I’m going to hammer out these changes in the next few days. Then take a day to do glorious fuck all bugger, and then I’ll go back for a round of proofing/souping up/making things fun.

All to be done before the 31st, my friends. Ohhhhhh yes.

In the meantime, I have also been having a very good time. It always takes me a wee minute to adjust back to life in the Porte du Shreve, but once I’m in….. watch out. Belly dancing? Okay, I shoulda practiced more as my hips are wound up tight as could be. But I’ve also got a new trainer (Dawn!) who is killing me, but in the best possible way. She’s so fun and makes the work out go by so quickly, and I love just following somebody around as they tell me what to do. I have an alarmingly submissive side that never gets to come out, except, apparently, at the gym! And I can’t tell you how I’ve missed the Sausagefest which is my gym. So much eye candy! so little time!

In other words, I missed my routine. But most of all, lordie did I miss my friends!

So I had them all over for dinner the other night, and made them one of these. It’s basically a spaghetti pie (or a spaghetti en croûte as Mark Henry called it on Twitter, because he’s fancy). I followed the recipe exactly and it came out perfect. Be sure to keep an eye on the croûte, and I did have to throw a sheet of tin foil over the top about 2/3 of the way through. Also, I made the sauce (minus the cheese and angel hair) the night BEFORE so that the day of the party I had very little prep. Anyway, it turned out REALLY FUCKING IMPRESSIVE.  Especially considering it was so easy. But the result was this big ass, HEAVY (another trick is to put the spring form on a baking sheet so it’s easier to lift in/out of oven), golden beauty of puff pastry and outrageously delicious filling. Check that bad boy out!

IMG_0206 IMG_0207

And here’s the money shot! Look at that ooze! Blimey!


Lovely. I’ve really missed cooking and I think I’m going to get back into it this year. So yeah, I’ll probably have EVEN MORE FOOD on this blog. Is that possible? Is this a food blog or a writer’s blog? Well, this is one writer who love her food, so it’s gotta be both.

If you have any questions about the recipe, give me a shout out!


6 thoughts on “Revisions Diary: Day ONE MILLION AND SHOOT ME”

  1. Nicole-that is impressive! At first I thought it was a huge block of cheese and I was soooooo excited (and jealous-never had a whole block to myself) Then, I found out it was spaghetti! Pie!! Yummmmy. I'm totally gonna make that!

  2. I'd love the recipe for the spaghetti pie. It looks sooo fattening.

    Also, I wish your blog had a search function. I'd like a peek into your outlining process and *just know* you've probably blogged about it elsewhere.

  3. Sorry to serial comment, but I see you provided the recipe. Sometimes I really do think I'm losing my mind. 😀

  4. Rachel: There's a LOT of cheese in it, so you're not too far off the mark. 😉 Seriously, the recipe is GREAT. And it looks like there's way too much filling, but you just pack it in and it ALL fits. Mmmmm.

    Driftsmoke: Your wish is my command! I don't think I HAVE done a big post on outlining, but as soon as I'm done with this book I'm going to start really outlining the third, so I can totally do a series on that. 😉 Just remind me on Twitter or on here if I forget.

  5. Who's taking your food pics? Do I need to worry about being replaced? Good action shot of the cutting…

    p.s. "You're live on air – don't say fuck or bugger!"

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