Tracking the Tempest Revisions Diary: Day Gark (and some other stuff)

I have no idea what day it is in my revisions. I could sit down and count, but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to refer to it as “gark,” because that’s the noise I make when I look at the calendar.

Don’t get me wrong, my revisions aren’t due till July 15th. And it’s June 3rd. But I want to get down this rough draft and then sit on it for at least a few days. That way, hopefully, everything will become clear and I’ll get a little distance on the writing. Then I’ll go back, give it a big super edit and try to fit in some more stuff (it’s so tight! Soooo tight!). After that, I’ll send it off to my Alpha Readers, my new critique partner (the FABULOUS Diana Rowland), and my agent. Oh, and My One Friend Mary Lois, who has a sinfully orderly economist brain and finds all sorts of inconsistencies that my wacky, artsy brain glosses over as “pretty”. 

I think in the next post I do, probably Thursday or Friday, I’ll go into detail about my Near Nervous Breakdown and How I Recovered. Okay, the NNB lasted for about 20 minutes, but I think it’s the kind of emotional trap that would have killed me pre-doctorate. So in my next post I’ll talk about what precipitated it, how I got over it, and how, for only three monthly installments of $99.99, you can get over it, too.

Just kidding. But seriously, I will delve into the emotional black hole which is Nicole Peeler, and I will delve just for you, people.

Maybe I’ll even vlog it? Saucy.

Which reminds me of another thing I wanted to talk about today: What I Learned about myself from Vlogging

1) I need someone to follow me with a taser and zap me everytime I say, “um,” “whatever,” and, “you know.” Did I get my doctorate in Valley Girl? No? Then I need to Pavlov that shit right out of me.

2) On a happier note, I am totally at one with my ball. It’s like an extension of me. I have even integrated it into my physical comedy. I am like a Pilates Ball Centaur.

3) For everyone who sent me messages about my devil eyes, they’re not always that blue. It’s only when I’ve sacrificed a really juicy baby. No, seriously, they’re usually not that crazy (well, the color’s not, at least). My brother’s eyes, however, ARE that blue, ALL the time. And he got the eyelashes. Bastard. 

Speaking of vlogging, here’s the update with Team Burn Sauce. Apparently, they cancelled trivia this week. I think they know I’m gunning for them. And by them I mean EVERYONE. They’re all going down in a blaze of trivia-intelligence. So instead of going to trivia, we’re going to go hang out at my friend’s place, play a board game, and order pizza from a different establishment than the one that CANCELLED TRIVIA ON US. ‘Cause we get our revenge any way we can. But next week? It’s. So. On.

And that’s my life in a nutshell. I hope to have my 1st round of revisions for Tracking done in the next day or two, so that I can spend all of next week being an Academic, and revising an article I’d written on Nietzsche’s theory of ressentiment in Philip Roth’s When She Was Good. It’s already accepted at a journal, I just gotta revise and resubmit. But I’m not really in Nietzsche mode. I’m more in paranormal nookie mode.

BTW, no matter how many times I write the name “Nietzsche,” it always looks wrong. Not like the name Peeler. Which, if inelegant and a bit plebeian, is very easy to spell. EXCEPT THAT NO ONE EVER GETS IT RIGHT. I say, “It’s like potato peeler,” and they say, “So how do you spell that?”


So that’s my life in a nutshell. Be back in a few days with a super self-indulgent post on my Near Nervous Breakdown, Which Actually Lasted 20 Minutes, and hopefully some good news about my first round of revisions being finito.

And to close, here’s a pretty little piccy of my 1st pass manuscript of Tempest Rising. She’s going to be a real book, people! They’re actually publishing her!!! It’s not a dream!


Can I get a woot?

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  1. Woot! That is awesome lady! I'm hella proud of you…you motivate me to get my act together. 🙂

    And if they offer Doctorates in Valley Girl somewhere, let a girl know. 😉

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