Tracking the Tempest Revisions Diary: Day 5

So I’m all set to rock out writing, and I’ve already got a good start.

But the problem is that I’m the worst procrastinator, EVER, and I am shaking my fist at Twitter. Twitter is the bane of my existence, right now. It is distracting the hell out of me. Okay, no, I’m lying. It’s not actively distracting me. It’s not standing in the corner of my room waggling its hips at me, provocatively. But I am weak. I have no will power. If there is something there to use to procrastinate, I will use it.

Which is why I have to work at other places than home. I now have a lovely Time Capsule, that beams the shitternet to every corner of my apartment. Which means I can procrastinate EVERYWHERE, now. 

So what I should do is go to the cafe I like to work at. The problem with this cafe is that it’s a bit far away and it doesn’t have sandwiches or anything. So I either cram my piehole full of unnecessary pastry, or I have to go home for lunch. Which sucks. Not a big deal, really, but I have a training session at 2:00 today and I can’t wander in with a bellyfull of madeleines and nothing else. 

Anyway, I’m mostly just whining. I will focus, eventually, and I’ll get some good work done. But I’ll waste a lot of time before I do. Tomorrow, however, I have no training so I can go to my cafe “office” and work away, distraction-free, for hours. 

I think part of the problem is that I’m still sussing out what my habits will consist of, now that I have the summer off. Once I’ve got a routine, I’m golden. But right now I’m sort of lost.

Also, for my Shreveport readers, where the hell is a good cafe that’s not packed full of high school students and has lunch options?

Finally, if you want to find me on Twitter, I’m NicolePeeler. Creative, I know.

5 thoughts on “Tracking the Tempest Revisions Diary: Day 5”

  1. Keith and I like to go to Courtyard Coffee (on Youree next to Michael's). They have free internet, which might be a problem for you =) But they also have really good sandwiches, so you can eat lunch there.

  2. I was thinking of going there, actually, I heard they had food. Re: the internet, usually when I'm in public I pull it together and actually work. I assume people are watching me and judging. 😉

  3. Hey Dr. Peeler,

    Sunshine Health Food Store on Youree (across the street from Capital One) is a really cute natural foods grocery store and they have a small cafe in the back with tables and chairs. They have no internet and no coffee, but the sandwiches and salads are pretty much amazing (…for Shreveport). Its also really quiet and the people are sweet(at least whenever I'm there, this is the case).

  4. Nicole, have you ever tried Freedom? It cuts off your network connection for a specified amount of time. It is only for Mac users, but I know you are a mac person, too. I use it almost every morning while I write. As you know there's no better time to surf than 5 a.m. 😀

    Here is the link:

  5. Cortney: I always think of that place as just lunch, but it IS a cafe, so that's a great idea. I also LOVE their tuna melt. Great suggestion, thanks!

    Driftsmoke: Awesome idea! Thanks!

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