Existential crisis? Or just lazy?

So I’m DONE GRADING. Thank you. Thank you.

I’ve even, with the help of Mary Lois, put my grades into Moodle. The grade grubbing shall commence very soon. 

In the meantime, I am having an existential crisis.

It is 2:41, in the afternoon, right now and I am STILL IN MY NIGHTGOWN. About, oh, 5 hours ago, when I woke up, I was like, “All right! Finish grading!” So I did. Then I was like, “All right, put up those grades!” So I did.  Then I tracked down an MIA package. And then I did some dishes. 

Then I looked at my empty “to do” list and was like, “WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE???”

Meanwhile, this is a ridiculous question. I just got my first official editorial letter for my second novel. I say my first, because the “letter” for my first novel was a teeny-weeny email. I had virtually no edits, because by the time it got to Orbit, Tempest Rising had already been through the ringer. My second novel? Not so much. I got a Lettah. Which actually makes me purr with happiness, when I’m not considering investing in Depends, because I LOVE ME SOME CRITICISM. I’m such a freaking masochist, it’s amazing.

So I’ve got a huge pile o’ rewrite to address, and there was something else . . . Oh, right, MY THIRD BOOK, which I still need to write. And then there’s an academic article on Philip Roth which has been accepted with revisions, that I still have to knock into shape.

All in all, I’ve got what is known of, in certain circles, as a shit load to do. But I’m still in Professor mode, and until I can switch hats, I’m just sort of like, “Huh? But? What about essays? What will I grade?”

It’s like a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

How are you dealing with the onslaught of summer?

6 thoughts on “Existential crisis? Or just lazy?”

  1. It's 2pm and as long as I am staying home from work today, I should really finish editing this Seventies Grindhouspoitation Zombie gaming supplement.

    Instead, I just finished watching Young Frankenstein.

    So kind of right there with you. I think it's just that kind of day.

  2. I'm presently cursing the weather. Apparently April showers held off until May such that it rains EVERY WEEKEND and I am never going to get my vegetable garden planted!

  3. Oh no! Yeah, I'm hearing lots of complaints from my gardener friends. Everywhere is either excessively hot/dry OR excessively wet/cold, depending on where you live.

    Mmmmmm . . . global warming!

  4. I am done with finals. I spent the weekend after finals driving to Florida, which sounds like fun but we drove 10 hours to spend 24 hours there and drive back another 10. With two kids, we were actually in the car for about 12 hours both directions. I am a walking zombie and thoroughly pissed that LSUS is cutting all kinds of classes. You have to work late nights or not at all in order to get a full load so I'm screwed for the fall. This sucks! I finally figured out what I wanna be when I grow up and LSUS won't let me!

  5. That drive sounds INTENSE! And yeah, the budget crisis here in Louisiana is going to hit us all hard, in different ways. Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding classes. Hopefully it will pick up soon!

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