Oh, the fun!

So I went to Dreamin’ in Dallas, hosted by DARA, to be Jaye Wells’ and Mark Henry’s lackey over the weekend.  I also hung out with Dakota Cassidy and Michelle Bardsley, both of whom rocked my casbah.  Seriously.  I would have Dakota’s babies and then give them to Michelle to raise, because she seems more nurturing than me.  Loved everyone.  Loved them.  And hanging out?

It was so.  Much.  Fun.

Can I just say how nice everyone has been to me?  I totally came out of the woodwork.  No one knows me; no one has read my book.  I could totally suck.  Indeed, I may suck.  Galleys are out for author blurbs, and they could be returned saying, “This sucks.  Thanks.”  

And yet everyone is so nice!  I feel like I’ve been pulled into some admittedly rather crazy family.  But I am used to the crazy, crazy family so I feel even more at home!

Let me try to recap what we discussed:

We talked about fending off the temptation to take oneself too seriously.

We made pacts to beat the crap out of each other if we did, indeed, begin to take ourselves too seriously.

We talked about torturing cover models at romance conventions.

We talked about torturing stormtroopers at sci-fi/fantasy coventions.

Everyone gave me tons of great advice for things I should do to pimp my book.

We discussed the swag (I need some advice on this, people.  A league post will be forthcoming).

We discussed were-chihuahuas and their peen (it was sooooo wrong).

We discussed whether were-cat creatures had barbed peen, and whether they’d get “locked up.”

We discussed many other things.

And then we Rock Banded.  

I made a complete tit out of myself, as usual, and there is video.  Mark, bless him, has promised to distribute it.  I am doing some sort of flailing version of an epileptic T-Rex.  And I mean the dinosaur, not the glam rocker.  

So that was my weekend.  There are photos on my facebook, for those who are interested.   It was such a fun weekend, guys, and thank you so much for letting me tag along and for welcoming my friend and I with such open arms!  And for the good, old-fashioned were-peen humor!

5 thoughts on “Oh, the fun!”

  1. Were-peen humor, eh? *snortle* You make me long for the day when I too am a published or soon-to-be published UF/paranormal author and can join in the antics. 🙂

  2. Oh, wait, I take that back–the beginning of your blog didn't load entirely and I jumped right into the deep end of the "I desperately need attention" pool.

    So NM–we're still on for baby oil, tarp and sexual antics after a stimulating round of Rock Band's Sabotage 🙂

    DC 🙂

    DC 🙂

  3. You are always on my mind, Dakota. You are always on my mind.

    And as long as you leave that yellow diaper at home, I'm all for the tarp.

    That was SUCH a fun weekend, thanks for allowing me to hang with the coolest PR writer on the planet. 😉

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