The Oubliette is where you put people . . . to forget about 'em

So I’m STILL GRADING.  The end is in sight, however, at least for this weekend.  

In the meantime, I’ve posted something about pithy one-linerish descriptions of UF over at the League.  Basically, my issue is that few people I know in RT have any idea what UF is, and I can’t buy everyone a “starter pack.”  Meanwhile, when I try to describe the genre, I inevitably get stuck, or I make assumptions about other stuff they know.  How would you describe UF to, let’s say, a psychologist who hasn’t read anything but Freud and Foucault for the past twenty years; doesn’t own a TV; and hasn’t been in a bookstore since she discovered interlibrary loans?

This is my dilemma.  They also tend to be people who are really smart, and I end up getting nervous and saying something “Nikkish,” such as, “Dude, UF is awesome ’cause it’s got raunchy supe sex.”  And they’re all, “we hired you???  Did you get your doctorate from Valley Girl U?”  And I’m all, “Supe sex!  Yum!”


There’s other fun things afoot for the future, as well.  On the 13th, I’m going to NYC.  I’ll be staying with my AMAZING friends, Dr. and Mrs. Whisky, and  I’ll also be going to “meet,” (drink with!) the fine people at my agency, McIntosh and Otis, Inc., and at Orbit Books.  I’m not sure whether or not I can take photos of their organizations; I remember getting run out of various grocery stores when I was a teenager and we were trying to film ourselves shopping.  Why?  I can’t remember, and I don’t think we ever really had a motivation.  Anyway, if I CAN, and I can share them (I am a little gun shy after Jewel-Osco threatened to call the POLICE on my petty-bourgeois ass), then that will be a big feature.  

I will also be getting author photos taken VERY shortly (as in the 21st).  And there might be some posts (there will definitely be posts regarding my anxiety; I would rather have a root canal than have my picture taken) that ask you for your help deciding on a photo.  Not sure yet, and it depends on how many “good” ones we have to choose from.

Anyway, this has become a large post about nothing.  I consider it a “trailer” post.  Or a “preview” post.  Fun things will be happening.  Oh yes.  Fun things.

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