Author Photos Round Two

So I’m a dink and didn’t remember that with the wonder of iPhoto, I, lil ole Nicole Peeler, can make my own  photos black and white.  Until, sometime last night, when the whisky reminded me.  I just put them in black and white and here are the results.  For me, I think I see a clear(ish?) winner.

Here are the pictures again, only this time in B&W:





For me I think number 2 is the best in color AND in B&W.  But what do you think?  I also love number four but I agree with both my artistically well-endowed friend Rene Romero who says it’s all about the eye contact (which makes him like number one the best, but I like it least in b&w) and with My One Friend, Dr. Mary Lois White, who says it’s too pretty for me.  She means that in a nice way, and I understand her comment.  I rarely look that sweet.  Okay, I never look that sweet.  So I understand her point.  

I’m thinking number two.  I like all of them, but I think number two sorta does it for me all around and I like it best in black and white.  What do you guys think?  And why am I so vain all of a sudden?  I post pictures of myself as an oompah loompah fercrissakes and now I’m dithering over a headshot.  I’ll have to blog about my excess of nerves regarding my new existence as “author,” soon, methinks.  Because it is driving me nuts.

In the meantime, let me know what you prefer out of the b&w.  I’m still not sold!  I’m leaning towards 2 but I can be dissuaded.  And here’s Jennette in black and white, just to be fair:


I can always still go with her as my author-double.

18 thoughts on “Author Photos Round Two”

  1. still two for me Nicole. You too really beautiful pictures..hey when do I get an arc? hmmm..did you know it was help the League Moderator week with an ARC? heee

  2. Thank you, Synde! But I gotta give the credit where it's due, to Robert Trudeau and his wife, Talbot. They both took great photos of me, and I am NOT photogenic. Believe me. Partly it's just difficult to get me to a)stop talking and b)stop making ridiculous faces. But they made me feel super comfortable and got me to shut up. For a little bit. The majority of the pictures ARE of me mid-articulation. Or mid-weird face. 🙂 But they persevered and got some great pics in the end.

  3. In b&w, number 1 doesn't really look like you. It does, obviously, but it has an innocence to it — "who little ol' me?" — that is certainly not the Dr. Peeler I know.

    Number 2 is nice because it has a steeliness to it that also seems so very ready to turn into tomfoolery. Kinda like, "You better watch your back. I may be an international woman of mystery [who, may I add, looks HAWT in this picture], but I'm not above the whoopie cushion."

    Number 3 lacks the edge of number 2.

    Number 4 is nice, but it looks more like something out of my mom's high school yearbook. It's sweet and old-timey distant (and those earrings ROCK), but I don't think it's as good as number 2.

  4. I like #2 better, also because you look very pretty but you also have kind of a quirked eyebrow thing going on (very subtle, but there). So you look all mysterious and writerly.

  5. Okay, guys, I think it's going to be number two . . . Not least because of the whoopie cushion comment. I just gave someone a whoopie cushion for their bday. Hilarious. You know me so well, Dr. Clawson.

  6. Hey Nicole,
    The pics are dependent upon what you want to show, perhaps having a look at other author photo's but personally I think number two works best as I love the texture of the B&W.

  7. I still think number 2 is the clear winner here. It's professional, you look awesome, and your personality shows in that mischievous hint we see there.

  8. Nikki:

    Definitely, definitely #2. What a great shot. Serious, but contemplative. It looks like a book jacket photo.

    That said, you look gorgeous!

  9. Thanks, Jess! I was really happy with them. There are also like 150 in which I look SOOOOO RIDICULOUS, and I'll totally post the "bloopers" once I get the official okay on number 2 from Orbit. I think you hit the nail on the head, it looks "authorial." 😉

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