I have an author photo and it is number two!:


Here’s all the information for my wonderful photographer, Robert Trudeau, and his wife, Talbot.  They’re both artists and they both have their fingers shackled firmly to the pulse of Shreveport.  So here are all their various websites, flicker pages, etc.  And if you’re an artist, musician, or actor in the Arklatex area, and you need some head shots, I can’t recommend them highly enough!








That’s a lot of links, as they are VERY busy people.  Photography is only one of their many activities.  If you are in the Shreveport area, and want to Mardi Gras like you’ve never Mardi Grased before, the Blanc et Noir Marching Society is for you.  We had so much fun this year, costuming and marching in the parade.  It made my first Mardi Gras unbelievably memorable.

Meanwhile, I’m very pleased with the photo, Orbit is pleased with the photo, and I’m just glad to get it over with.  Because I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN.  For a number of reasons.  Not the least of which is that I make the strangest faces, all the time.  Everything I’m thinking makes its way across my little visage.  I’ve got  Tourette’s of the face.  My nephew is the exact same way, and half of our conversations consist of us making faces at one another, completely unintentionally.

Anyway, despite my hatred of the formal photo, I was really, really comfortable having this photo taken.  Which means that I was, of course, yammering away.  Like Plath’s applicant, I can sew, I can cook, I can talk talk talk.  (Okay, I can’t really sew, but whatever.)  All of my talking, and my being comfortable, means that I’ve got a LOT of photos in which I’m making the weirdest faces.  Most of which can be broken down into three categories.  The first category is one where I’m pretty sure I’m swearing.  I swear all the time.  It’s horrible, but I can’t help it.  I was raised around swearers and once it’s in your blood, there’s no stopping it.  My second and third are skeptical faces (or WTF faces) and, last but not least, my “I’ll cut you” faces.  There was also a rat face, which I really wanted to throw in for Loren, but it wouldn’t upload for some reason.  Anyway, here are some examples of my WTF face.  This face is one I wear pretty much all the time.  I’m even developing a WTF wrinkle between my eyes.  I’m continually surprised by life, in general, and other people.  This keeps me on my toes.

dsc_0054  dsc00163 dsc00194

My favorite is the last one, which is a full-bodied, “Are you serious?”

Next we have, “I’ll cut you.” Those of you who know me know that I am a violent little soul.  I’m constantly threatening bodily harm on people.  I like to think it’s endearing.

dsc00141 dsc00199 dsc00174

That last one’s even got the narrowed eyes.  Nice.  

Finally, here are a few in which I am, most definitely, swearing.  It’s inevitable.  

dsc00075 dsc000761

I think you can put the words in my mouth with very little imagination.  Never take me around children.  It’s messy.

So thanks to everyone who participated in helping me figure out which author photo to use.  It was a hard choice for me, not least because had I been left to my own devices I would have tried to use my friend’s Basset hound, Samantha.  

And huge thanks to Jennette, Robert, and Talbot, who made me feel so comfortable that I was, actually, being myself.  Weird faces and all.

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  1. Yay for deciding on a photo! Its beautiful and I can't wait to see it in your book. You know, the third photo in your second set of "bloopers" is really good too. You should save it for something.

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