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Tracking the Tempest

Peeler_Tracking-Tempest-MM2 Tracking the Tempest begins four months–and one eyebrow sacrificed to magical  training–after the close of Tempest Rising.  During that time, Jane’s been busy  honing her supernatural powers and enjoying her newfound sense of confidence.    Rockabill may  not yet be heaven, but she’s realized it’s home.  Valentine’s Day is  fast approaching,  however, and Ryu–Jane’s bloodsucker boyfriend–can’t let a  major holiday go by without  getting all gratuitous.  This time his shenanigans  involve a last-minute ticket to Boston  and a hefty dose of direct interference in her  life. But Ryu’s best laid plans inevitably create  more upheaval than even he can  anticipate, and Jane winds up embroiled in  an investigation involving a spree of  gruesome killings committed by a being of  tremendous power . . .

. . . who, much to Jane’s surprise, happens to be another halfling.


Tracking the Tempest will be available through independent bookstores throughout the country, as well as at Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble.

Praise for Tracking the Tempest:

“Peeler’s chick lit tone adds sparkle to the most spine-tingling scenes with a style that never strikes a false note, and the seamless plot weaves together Jane’s paranormal and personal growth while linking both to the swelling suspense.” —Publisher’s Weekly (full review)

“The trajectory of Jane’s first-person adventures means that this increasingly hazardous ride is fast and furious, but the author still takes time to develop character and relationships. Peeler deftly proves she knows how to tell  an irresistible story!” —Romantic Times, ★★★★1/2 Stars