So I’ve been the worst at updating this site, as you can see from the dates. But I am alive! And I am writing! Just not a ton recently because this year has been kind of all about my day job and actually having fun. (yes, fun!)

Jinn and Juice came out this year, as did a number of Jane True short stories. Oh, and that little number I did for that Sookie Stackhouse anthology. Thanks to everyone who bought and read and reviewed and contacted me to tell me they were enjoyed.

As I said, I am working on something new and it’s almost finished. I have no idea if it’ll sell to a publisher, as it’s a new genre for me and I don’t know, yet, if I’m any good at it. But it’s a genre I’ve recently fallen really in love with and it’s really challenging for me–something I really wanted right now. And this project doesn’t mean I won’t ever write urban fantasy again, but this is the story I felt was in me at the moment. And by in me, I mean taking a hell of a long time to come out. But that’s mostly because of other things…

Like my day job! I am now directing the MFA in Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. It’s awesome, I’m super psyched to be doing it, but it’s a lot of work and a steep learning curve, obviously. I’m also going up for tenure this year (which kinda freaks me out), so that’s a huge career step. But I’m enjoying it all and I am very lucky to have a day job I love to go along with the writing.

I do have to admit, however, that it’s not all been hard work. This year I think it really hit me that Pittsburgh is my home now and will be for the foreseeable future. Along with that realization came an urge to really anchor myself in the social soil here. I had already met all of these amazing people and this is the year I wanted to embrace my inner Molly Bloom and say “yesyesyesyesyesyesyes” instead of “nonononoIhavetowrite.” And it *was* the writing that got bumped, not because I don’t love it or take that career seriously, but because I was *not* under deadline for the first time in five years and, for once, it was my day job that had the more pressing obligations.
So what have I been up to, besides building our MFA program, teaching, mentoring, etc?

Well, there was WordPlay.

And learning how to teach students to read good.

There were wigs (and not a wig).

We helped forward The Gay Agenda in Texas.
I totally stayed hydrated.

I got a makeover.

Let’s not get started on my bread game. Or the pound cake. Or this monster.

Or our #squadgoals.

Orrrr the fascinators.

There were pickles. And furries!

Chuck Wendig rocked our res.

I also rocked my fair share of poor life choices.

There were visitors from Scotland. Guess what we drank?

Don’t ask.

There were lots of concerts. Especially brass bands.

We did some writer camping!

There was a Bookfest in Florida with actual goddamned gators.

And two of my favorite things this year…. speaking at the Library of Congress.

And being in a movie.

So I guess it’s been a pretty crazy ass year. You can see the rest on my instagram (or at least the beverages). I’d say it’s also been an unqualified success. I have such an amazing life here, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has welcomed me and made me feel at home.

That said, I do miss the writing and I’m itching to get back to it. I think I’m going to warm up with some blog posts, for the holidays, on things I’ve learned this year. And then I’m going to jump back on this manuscript, which is so close to being finished!

You’ll be the first to know what happens with it, promise. xoxoxo

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  1. Having a life makes you a better writer. I would rather my favorite writers enjoy their lives and put out fewer books (because they will be richer and more fulfilling books) that do nothing but write. Have a great New Year!

  2. Yay Nicole!

    So glad to "see" you here again and to follow the adventures of the past year. Very best wishes for 2016 and good luck on (with? We do not have the tenure here) your day job!

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