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Today, I am the Wiener!

Hello folks! I know, I’ve been very quiet here at the Emporium. November is always a crazy month for me, what with the semester winding to a close. But this November was even crazier, because I did Nanowrimo for the first time, for real. Yesterday night, I plugged in my fifty thousand words, and I […]

Podcast: How I Plan For Nanowrimo (or Any Old Book, Really)

Hello my lovelies! FINALLY, here is the Plotting for Nanowrimo podcast that I made as homework for my university’s computer training. But I wanted it to be productive homework, so I made this. It’s about how I plotted my Nanowrimo project, but this is how I plot all of my books (although there’s more bells […]

Over at the League: Dr. Peeler’s Five Laws of Nanowrimo!

Click on the link below to get schooled in the Nanowrimo: