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Updates! Reviews! Pimpage! LONDON!

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I had our June residency for our MFA, and that’s always a ton of work (albeit very fun work). Our MFA in Writing Popular Fiction is what they call a “low-residency” degree, meaning that most of the coursework is done long-distance, through on-line classes and through an individual […]

This Just In: San Francisco and LitCrawl!

I’m a big fan of crawling: nightcrawling, pubcrawling, dropped-my-contact-crawling . . . and now LitCrawling! After having planned a completely spontaneous, last-minute trip to go see my lovely friend, Jana, in San Francisco, I sent one of my typically annoying emails to Orbit’s ever-patient (and most probably magical) publicist, Jack. It read something like, “OMG! […]

So Many New Releases . . . So Little Time

Hello, everybody! I had a great time over at Babel Clash, where Jaye Wells and I showed off our love of snark, non-traditional heroines, and F-words of all types. If you missed it, check out our posts, here. There’s some good stuff there, if I do say so myself. 😉 As for me, I’m plugging […]

RT Schedule, UK Editions, and More!

So, I’ve had a ridiculously exciting week and to top it off, I get to fly out to Romantic Times tomorrow! Here’s my schedule for those also attending: Wednesday: Find other Leaguers and snark Thursday: Between snarking, attend Club RT at 11:00 AM Friday: Much Snark, culminating in dinner with my Editrix, then a huge […]

Where in the World is Nicole Peeler?

I’m all over the place! For example, this weekend I’ll be doing a signing with Gail Carriger and Jaye Wells, in Houston. We Orbiteers are all VERY proud of Gail, who just made it on the NYTimes bestseller list! YAY Gail! She is fabulous, her book is fabulous, and I am so very very happy […]

Home Sweet Home

Hello my friends! I am back in Louisiana from my various travels. And let me tell you, I am pooped. But I had a blast in San Francisco, where I hung out with the ever charming and fabulous Gail Carriger! On Thursday night, the night of my arrival in San Fran, my friend Jana and I […]