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Hello folks!

It’s been an insanely busy time here at Casa Peeler, as usual for my summers. The thing with academia is that we have the summers off, yes, which is awesome. But we have to cram our summers full of all the things–especially the writing–that we can’t do during the semesters we’re teaching. For me, there are also a lot of big conventions and conferences that are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. So every time someone gives me a blank stare and says, “But you’re on vacation!” I kind of want to bite through my own wrists.

But it IS summer, and I am getting to do all the things I love, like write and travel. A few weeks ago, my friend from York came to visit, which was so much fun. I ended up really taking the five days off, which was amazing. I normally do some work every day, so to take a real vacation felt both very scary and very awesome. But I think it came at exactly the right time, as I really needed some distance on a few things I’d been working on (especially book six edits), that I wasn’t allowing myself by working all the time.

So he flew in and we mooched around Greensburg and Pittsburgh, a bit. He declared the comic store Phanton of the Attic, in Oakland, one of the best in the world, beaten only by Gosh, in London. So if you’re in Pittsburgh or from the area, and haven’t checked it out, there’s something to put on your list.

Then I surprised him with a trip to DC. It was, of course, very hot, but we had a wonderful time. It’s the perfect city for a few days of exploration, even though it has enough in it for a solid month of nonstop tourism. But what’s great about DC for a short break is you can park your car at the hotel (granted, for roughly a gajillion dollars) and then you can walk everywhere. Which is exactly what we did. And there’s nothing like seeing those iconic monuments in person. How many times have we seen them in the news, or destroyed in Sci-Fi movies, or setting the stage in history textbooks? Even visitors from other countries, like mine, has grown up with images of them, and it’s so fun to see them in person.

DC’s also a hip, happening city, with tons of free stuff to do. You can also get GREAT weekend rates at hotels. It’s one of the only cities that cheaper at the weekend, as all the legislators and their staff go home.

But I think the best thing we did was the Spy museum, which was an absolute blast. I’m always leery of kitschy museums, but this one was well worth the 20$ admission. It was a great blend of fun and fact, and did a great job of reminding its visitors that spying isn’t really “cool.” It’s playing with the lives of not only the individual spies, but the people impacted by their machinations. I had a great time, and really recommend it. Here’s a few pics from our visit.

We kept thinking everything was the White House, until we finally saw the White House. All the buildings are so iconic, but it was still embarrassing for me, as the American of our pair.

“Oh, right, THAT’S the White House…”

The Lincoln Memorial is probably my favorite, for a lot of reasons.

One of our best memories of the day was spending a good hour with our feet in the fountain at the Sculpture Garden. It was very hot, we’d been walking for absolutely hours, and our break was well deserved.

So that was DC! Then we came back here for a few more relaxing nights, then he left and I launched myself back into work. I finished my edits for book six last Monday, and then on Tuesday we launched into our MFA Residency. That was a blast, as usual, and it was great to see all our graduates walk across the stage on Sunday. I learned loads, as I always do, and I loved sitting in on a module taught by Victoria Thompson, about building a mystery world. It was so fun, and had loads of great advice applicable to all genres.

All in all it’s been a super crazy month, and it’s only kicking off my summer. The next two months will see me in Chicago, London, York, San Francisco, Anaheim, and New Orleans. Then another semester begins.

But in even bigger news, and probably what most of you are reading this post for, is news on book five, Tempest’s Fury. It’s out tomorrow!

Which means I MUST hold a contest, right? Of course. I haven’t had time to organize one of my usual gift baskets, so this release’s prize will be any FIVE mass market paperbacks (the books that cost $7.99 or less on Amazon) of your choice.

What’s the contest? Just comment below about why you like the Jane True series. I’ll pick a random winner on Friday, July sixth.

So that’s comment below about why you like the Jane True series and you can win five mass market paperbacks of your choice. :) And that’s all! Looking forward to hearing from people what they think of the book and can’t wait to hear what you think of the series!


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  • First thanks for the awesome contest! I love this series because of all the humor. I love that Jane has these powers and how she adjusts is very realistic. She doesnt just get them and bam turns into a gladiator/superhero. And of course I love Anyan :)

  • It's the snark!! I loooove Jane's attitude!! She's just too funny!

  • I love everything about it, but I love the characters the best! Jane is just awesome, as are the other characters :) I also love how funny they are!

  • I love the Jane True series first because Jane is not a size 0, and she isn't a cynical woman trying to be a man. She ends up being someone I could actually be friends with at the end of the day. I laugh out loud every time I read one of these books and I love all of the characters. The books are wonderfully written and keep me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for an Amazing series!!!

  • I think what really keeps me going back to the True series is Jane herself. She's such a fun, sarcastic character with a sort of dorky quality that makes her seem real. I love that the Chosen One isn't a leather clad warrior woman but a funny, curvaceous, compassionate, REAL woman.

    Anyan helps too, LOL.

  • Congrats on the newest release!!! I've been anxiously counting down for this book since Eye of the Tempest :) I love, love, love, love this series!!! It also holds a special place in my reading heart since Tempest Rising was the very first book I purchased for my shiny, new Kindle I got as a Christmas present two years ago. I saw the cover and loved the blurb and jumped off the cliff :) Haven't looked back since. And every True book since then has been pre-ordered.

  • I absolutely love this series. There was never a time when I felt like I wanted to skip to the "good stuff". Never a boring page. Jane is sexy, funny, and not afraid to eat. I appreciate that in a woman. I especially appreciate her sense of humor. She has always been herself. I like how her and Anyan didn't just fall madly in love like. Their relationship developed naturally. I need my own Anyan! Lip smacking! The end of Tempest's Fury was caraaaaazzy!! Definitely not expecting that. I cannot wait until the next. I'll just die if it take too long;)

  • I love the Jane True series, it's one of the few series, that I've ever read and had to wait to read. Waiting for the sixth book is really going to suck, and I have a feeling I'll be sad when it ends, since I've fallen in love with all charcters. I never thought I'd find series I liked more than the twilight series, but Jane True surpassed all my expections and is much better, that I hope it becomes a movie.

  • I love how funny Jane is and that she’s more real than most heroins. She has her issues and baggage, but still manages to save the day and have a laugh. And hot hot men. Gotta love the hot men.

  • What draws me to the book is your ability to create a character that is relatable. When Jane laughs, I laugh when she cries, I cry .
    The storyline is complete and doesn't leave those plot holes that you get in some series. Everything answered and nothing I have to guess what you were trying to get across. That probably makes more sense in my head then it makes typed out…. Lol

  • Heather Mitchell

    I like the fact that they are different than any other series. I love the main character being a "normal" person. She is the most normal/relatable heroine I have ever come across.

  • I love these books because they depict Jane as a someone that I’d like to be! The best books are ones that you can place yourself into the story line and get lost in it! I love that Jane is strong when she thinks she is weak,and her humor is hilarious!

  • I love the Jane True series cause she reminds me of myself…..her character…her sense of humor…..how she no matter where she is she always in some type of trouble…her sexuality…just who she is I'm general is who I am…Jane is not afraid to go down without a fight…i mean we all get scared from time to time but regardless she's powerful..and come on who doesn't want 2 hot guys falling for you or wanting you… The life that Jane has lived I've been there my self…she's everything people love in a person and very exciting which is why we never get bored reading about her….and that's why I like Jane True :-)

  • I like the foodie in Jane and the humor in each book.

  • OK- the first thing that I remember completely loving about Jane is that she had a firm grasp on her own sexuality (ugh that sounds like some stupid porn right there). Anyways: She had been in love. She knew what good sex was. No one had to seduce her or dazzle her with the mighty sword of love or some such nonsense. She knew tha being with Ryu would be good for her–and it was–but she had a mature outlook over what was the difference between love and attraction.

  • I love the books have grown to look at as close friends. thank

    you very much for the humor, love and suspense you bring to each .

  • I am a fan of the Jane True series because it was exactly what I was looking for when the first book came out. I had just moved to a new state and was reading though a book or two a week. I had quit school to move and more or less found solace in the stories I got so engrossed in. This was one of those stories; and, to my pleasure, more books were on the way.
    I like that Jane is lil' crazy. I think most of us can relate to that, double if you are a girl around her age. I also enjoy her love of food. I can get behind some of those silly descriptions involving her drooling over a burger, or chocolate, or cheese. Oh the cheese. Oh and also coffee. Did I mention chocolate? Most assuredly chocolate. Oh yeah and she is gettin' to be kinda a bad ass.

  • rissatoo
    Twitter: rissatoo

    Jane, herself, is my favorite part of the series. I love how she thinks — her little asides to herself, her snarkiness, that she is a curvy, “real” woman. I’m sad our adventures with Jane & co. are almost ended, but hoowhee!!– hasn’t it been fun!!?!

  • I love that the heroine is named Jane. Not some exotic Dante or mysterious Eve – just Jane. Jane True. I LOVE that more than you can even know.

  • I like the True series because from the first few pages I read I could see that it was going to provide some laughter, embarrassing moments, love, heart-achy moments along with some mystery and of course paranormal characters to make the stories fun and interesting. I love Jane, she has just enough inner dilemma, snark and a huge heart that I wanted to be her friend. She not perfect and I love that. :-)

  • I can't give just one reason as to why I love your books. So lets start with the part where I bought them on a whim/instinct. (I'm really good at following what the funny feeling in the back of my mind says.) I saw the cover for Tracking the Tempest in Meijer one day and it looked like it could be interesting so I bought it. Then I had to search forever to get Tempest Rising because no book store near me had it and I couldn't read the super awesome cool book 2 I had bought until I read book 1! So I had to put some effort into getting these books to begin with.

    Then I ended up falling in love with the characters, from little Nell and her angry dirty mouth to sexy Ryu and of course with Jane. You hardly ever hear about characters really eating in books, (they always managed to get interrupted it seems), something that weirds me out. I mean, everyone eats. And Jane loves eating. I love eating. It's fantastic. I've actually bothered to look up recipes and foods based on what you write about. (Food isn't the only reason I love Jane, it's just that I'm sort of hankering for an ice cream sunday, so this is part of what came to mind.)

    Anyway, Jane isn't automatically great at everything. She has to work really hard to learn anything and everything supernaturals grow up learning. She doesn't just sit there and say "ok fine, I'll do this now" and suddenly she's creates a mage ball. She had to work at it. Everything about her translates into what a real person would have to do if they were suddenly throw into the same situation as her. It’s nice that she’s not good at everything.
    All in all, your books are fantastic. They keep me entertained and happy (thought I still want to cry at the moment) and content. I read a lot. I have a read a lot of bad books and a lot of really good books. Urban fantasy isn’t my usual genre of interest, but I love your books. I hope you continue to write more even after book 6 is released. In my own little opinion, you’re a fantastic writer and person and I’m so glad you’re around to entertain and teach the masses.  (note: the more I read this the more I know I sound like a suck-up. I'm honestly not trying to be. It's just that knowing the author I'm supporting isn't a raging douche is fantastic. I think it's great you're so accessible to your readers.)

  • My favorite part of the Jane True series is how much I connect with Jane. She feels very real to me and I can relate to her character.

  • I LOVE this series for so many reasons, but I think it all boils down to the amazing writing and how that allows the reader to sink into the world 100% and identify with Jane. Her voice makes me laugh and experience everything with her– she feels so real, that I feel like she's a friend I'd take out for a drink– or for a Portillo's chocolate cake shake with a side of chocolate cake. The story of her life has been a blast to follow, and her supporting cast are genuine and fun people who I never feel are just cardboard story props. I totally get Ryu (I have an ex just like him, in many ways), and I want to go shopping with Iris, and I absolutely get how weird it feels to crush on a guy you think is totally out of your league only to find that he's loved you the whole time… (My hubby is the coolest person I know!). Jane doesn't take herself too seriously, which is a first in this genre, and it helps make the whole series shine in a way that others just can't match.
    Thank you so much for sharing Jane with us!!! :D

  • Hmm, why I love the Trueniverse. Well first I L O V E Jane. She has these really simple events turn into epic cluster . . . well things just get screwy. But she bumbles through and manages to surprise everyone, including herself. Jane's sarcasm and humor just endear her to me even more. My all time favorite thing she said was after arriving at Ryu's house and uttering the Spaceballs quote "Smoke if you got em." And her libido just cracks me up. I've actually burst out laughing (and startled my fiance multiple times) when her libido decides to start up. I bought the series cause of the art but kept buying the books for Jane and her new love Anyan (where can I get one of him??? I can get millkbones) I even got my fiance loving the series, he now reminds me when a Jane book is coming out. I can't wait to read more of her adventures.

  • I love your use of mythology and your story line is awesome. I have really enjoyed the series; the books have a way of quickly taking me to that place where Jane True and her posse live. I can't wait to read the new one & I wish you continued success!

  • I love the series because I love the world you created. I love the humour and the secondary characters and I love the musical references.

  • What hooked me in the first book is Jane and her character growth.
    It's been amazing to see her change and come into her own over the last few books.
    I also love the theme of prejudice running through the series and Jane's town.

  • I love the Jane True series because it's fun and the characters are interesting and likeable. I especially like Jane and Aryan.

  • I just finished the book *GAH* cliff hanger!! It really is wonderful, loved every minute. So, when's the sixth again?

  • Jane True is a wonderful a-typical heroine, not perfectly savvy and cool. Her insecurities make her so much more REAL. and Anyan totally catsups my tater tots :-)

  • There are many things I love about the Tempest series. The characters are well developed. It is funny at times but also very thoughtful. I really appreciate Jane though. Her growth as a person, her running commentary, her reflective nature, integrity, and earthiness. And how can we not love Brownie and Anyan? Finally, I enjoy the contemporary references, so much of what i read is set in the future or the past. Thank you for a great series.

  • This series is different from anything else that you find in bookstores. I love the humor and of course the chemistry between Jane and Anyan!

  • I love the Jane True series for a number of reasons but primarily because it's pure fun, but fun that is well written. There is nothing worse than finding a book that looks promising and then realizing you can't get through it no matter how much potential because it so poorly written. Also, Jane is one of my favorite heroines – you can relate to her and she's grown in a realistic way. Love her and will miss her when she's finished her story, but will be glad that you've said goodbye before Jane jumped the shark!

  • Nicole, I love you!
    Jane has become one of my very favorite characters. If she and Harry Dresden ever met up, at least half of North America would implode under the pressure of their snarky, sexy magics combined! I adore Jane for the way she approaches every hideous turn of events with a snide remark, a nudge from her libido and a healthy dose of pure midget rage.
    However, having finished Tempest's Fury about five minutes ago, I am incredibly pissed at you Nicole. Sure, you knew I'd be pissed, but I didn't! I'd beg like a puppy for a hint of whats to come, but my favorite puppy was conscribed five minutes ago… oooohhh bad author, no milk bones for you!

  • One of my favorite things about books are… covers! For me it sets the stage for whats inside. I have bought many books for their covers alone, and Jane True was one of them! I knew with that fun cover and all thoes little extras hidden around the story had to be just as interesting and it was! But its the snark that makes this series one of my favorites! I love that no matter what situation Jane finds herself in she still has her sarcasm! Anyan helps too. I love the mental picture of Anyan in his doggie form using his power of air in Fury, made me think of Rainbow Brite's horse Starlite running on the rainbow, Loved it!

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