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Jane True, Cheap for the Holidays!

Who here has asked for an eReader for the Holidays?

Who thinks that nothings says vacation like reading a book (or two) a day?

For those who answered both questions with a resounding “me!”, Hachette is running a very fun deal, called 8 Nights of Lite Reading. For the next eight days, it has eight awesome e-books for sale.

And Tempest Rising is one of them. :) So go check out what else is on offer, and if you’re still struggling with last minute shopping, maybe some on-sale ebooks is your answer. Remember, they can be gifted–you just need to know the other person’s email.

So enjoy the sale! And Friday I’ll have something up here that I haven’t done in a while–Cooking with Nicole! In which I’ll share our secrets of the Peeler Family Crab Dip . . . including the Peeler Family Secret Ingredient. I’m sure you’ll be waiting with bated breath!

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    I stopped by your blog today.

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